MJS Designs works through and communicates material details before you award us with the project.

MJS Designs leverages our long-term, world class supplier network, global sourcing, materials management, and logistics expertise to meet the specific requirements of your projects.

With more than 40 years of purchasing power, we minimize lead times and reduce cycle times – not just once in awhile, but every project and every time!

Our procurement team is skilled at locating hard-to-find and obsolete components, while recommending alternates as needed, communicating available supply, and tracking manufacturer lot numbers. From electronic components to printed circuit board fabrication, including enclosures and ancillary items, MJS Designs seamlessly manages all the details.
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The MJS Designs’ uniquely talented Procurement Team works closely with you to fulfill your material needs and lead-time requirements.

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Outsource your procurement and inventory management to our experienced team.
We are dedicated to managing manufacturer and vendor deliveries, obsolete component challenges, shipping costs, attrition, and stocking details.



“We have the board powered up and it is working fine!  Once again your team has done a great job!” 

John F. 
An Aerospace Company