Working with PCB design services teams can help electronics manufacturers build the ideal PCB for their product. But it’s important to understand each of the advantages of the PCB before beginning the process. Our team explains the many benefits of PCB design services in the manufacturing sector.

Simple Diagnostics and Repairs

When working with PCB design services, the components are labeled on the board, and each is placed in a predetermined location according to their functionality. This makes the process of diagnosing issues and repairing issues quite simple. Because the traces are exposed, the repair team simply has to look at the path of the traces to determine where a fault exists.

Low Electrical Noise

The path lengths of the electrical current can be minimized by using PCB design services. This ensures low radiation and limited pickup of electromagnetic waves. The clear benefit of this style of design is that designers reduce the cross-talk between components and between the traces. The PCB can then function as required without a long-term design phase to overcome signal issues.

Movement Protection

In the current marketplace, electronic products are continually moving. Think of the modern cell phone, which is transported several kilometers a day by the average user. PCB components are soldered to the board, which restricts movement regardless of the movement of the PCB. PCBs are designed to mitigate component damage and ensure performance longevity in complex systems.

Single Layer vs. Multi-Layer

Another element to consider in PCB design is choosing between single layer and multi-layer designs. Multi-layer PCBs have more than one conductor inside the board, which increases wiring options. Single layer boards have components on one side and a conductor pattern on the other. For simpler products, single layer boards are used to reduce the cost of the design phase. One of the key benefits of working with multi-layer PCBs is that they can be used for products with a higher level of complexity within a smaller footprint, such as cell phones and GPS systems.

It’s important to work with your PCB designer to determine the many benefits that can be achieved within the design phase of your project. To discuss an upcoming project with ourMJS Designs team, please call us today.



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