PCB assembly is now one of the fastest growing industries in the USA. It’s important that you know about printed circuit boards so that you can make the right decisions when it comes time to choosing a board for your electronic products. Our team has over four decades of experience as a PCB designer, and so within this latest post, we’ll explain more about what you need to know about PCB assembly in the USA.

Almost all products have a PCB

Almost all electronic products have a printed circuit board. From your mobile phone to your home television, the product is designed based on the performance of the circuit board and its components. Due to the growth in mobile technology, PCBs are becoming more complex, with many electronic manufacturers turning to a specialist PCB designer for guidance on their projects.

PCBs don’t use wires

While most traditional circuit boards use wiring to conduct electricity and send signals across the board, PCBs use tracers, which are made from copper and are designed to transmit energy throughout the board.

PCBs allow for optimal design

A key advantage to working with PCBs is that electronics firms can customize the product to ensure their project goals are met. Working with a PCB designer can help ensure that all performance options are explored.

Current must be proportional to resistance and voltage

Designers must keep the laws of physics in mind when crafting PCBs. The current produced must be proportional to the resistance and voltage of the board, in order to achieve the requisite levels of performance.

PCBs are becoming smaller

With the advent of small computers and mobile phones, companies are now shrinking down the latest PCB technology to match consumer demand. The result is smaller boards that are more efficient in terms of how they handle energy.

The leading manufacturing technique is SMT

SMT or Surface Mount Technology is becoming the leading choice for PCB design services. SMT involves the placement of components onto pads, and then onto the surface of the board, instead of using the traditional through-hole components.

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