MJS Designs’ Engineering Team is equipped to respond to your product requirements in today’s complex and constantly changing high-tech environment.

The MJS Designs Team delivers innovative solutions by providing engineering expertise to develop your technical project. Our engineering experience, capabilities, and tools offer a wide spectrum, from simple to complex product development.

We understand the critical nature of engineering deadlines and are able to reduce project design cycles. Every project receives our highest level of expertise and commitment in order to deliver an accurate, on-time project.

• Engineering Overflow – At times, business demands will create a resource or expertise shortage. With MJS Designs, you have a team of engineers at your disposal to support your project deadline requirements without compromising your company’s priorities.

• Customized Engineering Applications – With more than 35 years of experience,
MJS Designs has a wide breadth of engineering knowledge. We are equipped to
collaborate with your engineering team or create a customized engineering solution
for your project.

• Product Developers/Inventors – Every product begins with an idea. MJS Designs evaluates
concepts from an engineering point of view, proposes feature options, and helps you prepare
the product for market.