4 Behind the Scenes Reasons You Absolutely Want Turnkey Solutions

MJS Designs Turn-key and PCB SolutionsOne: Time Matters

Fact: Time is Money.  That is why we embrace turnkey solutions. Turnkey solutions provide a one-stop-shop, from prototype to production and can even include final packaging for the end user.

While some customers like to shop for the best prices, deals or parts, the reality is, turnkey is typically the most economical choice for the vast number of projects that pass through doors of reputable companies such as MJS Designs.

Customers enjoy the fact that the MJS Designs’ highly skilled team is handling every aspect of the project. This means time is not lost by the client if they are searching for various providers for each step of the over all project.  At MJS Designs, the engineering team works directly with the PCB design team, and the design team works directly with assembly, assembly works with the test engineers and the list goes on.  It is a whole team approach to assure the highest quality, fastest time to market and typically, the time it saves the customer from having to search for numerous providers. Turnkey is often the most economical solution for electronic manufacturing projects.

Two: Turnkey v. Off-the Shelf

People confuse off-the-shelf and turnkey. The confusion comes because both terms refer to products that are delivered ready-to-use.

Within the turnkey environment of MJS Designs, there are no off-the-shelf or cookie-cutter solutions.  Every project has custom variables and requirements.  The turnkey environment is set up to address every custom or specialized requirement for each job.

For example, some customers require:

  • Boards to be populated for different functionality within the same design.
  • Adjustments in packaging or modifications to off-the-shelf packaging for their end customer.
  • Programmable devices to be loaded with different firmware for different applications.
  • Solder mask colors to be varied for their preference
  • Components to be selected to satisfy specified voltage/temperature/humidity levels and other environmental specifications.
  • Top level enclosures to be customized for different applications.
  • Accessories installed or built to satisfy their needs with product cables, test cables, human interface components including knobs, switches, displays, etc.
  • Environmental testing performed on selected initial units to verify compliance. ie; ESS, ESD, EMC
  • Alternate components installed and tested to qualify them for use in a design.
  • Unique bar code labels to be applied to identify and track special product configurations.
  • Conformal coating to be applied to moisture and environmentally sensitive boards.
  • Potting compounds be utilized to protect intellectual property.

Three: The Turnkey Difference

Turnkey is different. With turnkey solutions, you drive the specification and development process. Turnkey is a bespoke solution that looks and feels like an off-the-shelf product.

Turnkey solutions are (1) Efficient, (2) Effective and (3) Economical because the development work is accomplished up front. Turnkey solutions end up being better in the long term. The lack of modification and extra implementation work saves time and money.

Four: It Is a Process

There are more than 40 individual steps in electronics manufacturing in providing a turnkey solution.

Each step may require additional documentation, more questions, changes to specifications or very specific instructions which are required to complete the project, per the customer’s expectations.

Therefore, choosing your turnkey provider requires in-depth communication and a clear vision of your expectations.

As we outlined in our whitepaper Producing Exceptional Solutions by Fusing Technology and Expertise there are 5 advantages to turnkey solutions.

  • Rapid Development: Expedition of the manufacturing process.
  • Affordability: Eliminates budget overages and financial frustrations for the customer
  • Easy Administration: Changes to the project instructions without interrupting the project flow
  • Experience of the provider: Completed thousands of projects with a trackable system
  • Customization: Custom setups per the provider’s capabilities

Download the complete White Paper on Turnkey Solutions Here

Bonus! 3 Tips When Choosing Turnkey Solutions

  1. Know “your” definition of ready to use. Have a clear definition of specifications and performance before you submit for a quote.
  2. Know what is excluded. Many times, we are focused on what is included that we forget what is excluded. Be holistic in your approach and devote time to what is included and what is excluded.
  3. Review the contract. Once you have a complete understanding of what you desire from your turnkey solution provider, ensure it is correctly reflected in the quote. Remember, the final quote acts as your representative. It speaks to your desires and requirements. Ensure it is accurate to make certain you have a perfect product.

Meet your project requirements seamlessly, delivered on-time and on-budget by choosing an electronics manufacturing service provider who has the turnkey capabilities, experience and reputation.

The team at MJS Designs, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona is ready to talk to you about your next project. Call today at 1.800.445.9442 or use our online quote form at www.mjsdesigns.com.