4 Things You Should Know About Your Electro Mechanical Assembly Company

In choosing an electro mechanical assembly company for your products, it’s important you complete due diligence. There are a great many considerations to make in reviewing the local industry options, and in this latest post we’ll present five things you should know about your electro mechanical assembly company.

  1. How they vet suppliers

How does the company choose suppliers for their components? What considerations do they make during this process? Make sure the company has clear information on the suppliers they work with. Our team at MJS Designs vets suppliers carefully and has a regimented process by which to ensure only the best components are chosen in our work.

  1. Do they track material codes?

The leading electro mechanical assembly companies have a process of traceability that tracks the component from the point of production. This helps mitigate problems with counterfeiting and ensures the product is built to the highest of market standards. The company should have experts in-house who can spot counterfeits.

  1. Can the company manage storage and tracking?

In some cases, the company simply needs assembly. And so the company should have a facility for cases where only assembly is required. This segregation ensures the inventory is used only for the selected project, with documentation preventing the materials from being used in other locations and other processes.

  1. Will the company notify me when problems occur?

Make sure you maintain a direct line of communication with your electro mechanical assembly specialist. Ask that they contact you throughout the process, particularly in cases where a challenge might impact your time

The trusted team here at MJS Designs can help drive efficiency in electro mechanical assembly work. To learn more on our company and our options, call us today.