What Are Ball Grid Arrays? Our BGA Repair Services Team Answers This Important Question

In managing your electronic component design requirements, it’s important to consider the full range of design options. One of the foremost options on the modern market is ball grid arrays (BGAs). In this latest post our BGA repair services team explain more on what ball grill arrays are and how we can help provide the ideal repair solution for companies working within the BGA market.

What Are BGAs?

A BGA is a component that helps connect a chip to the circuit board and is considered a type of surface mount technology. The BGA comprises of a series of spheres which are placed on a circuit board. BGAs are swiftly replacing older technologies such as Quad Flat Package configurations within modern design work because BGAs are far more durable and less susceptible to damage. BGAs also have the advantage of taking up less room on a circuit board, where space is always at a premium due to the presence of other components.

What are the Major Benefits of BGAs?

Aside from the already highlighted benefit of being smaller and better able to help consolidate space on the circuit board, BGAs have shorter electrical paths that reduce overall inductance. The use of new materials and higher integration, BGAs can now be used in high I/O devices, improving their performance and allowing for smaller device packaging. This then helps improve the device’s reliability and performance within various applications.

Why Turn to MJS Designs?

Our team at MJS Designs are considered the trusted market expert for BGA repair services. We have a clear understanding on the challenges faced in integrating BGAs within modern products and we employ specialist technicians and engineers to problem-solve our clients’ most pressing issues. This allows us to repair boards ranging from simple component removal to complex edits. We use state of the art equipment to accommodate a full range of pitches, from 0.2mm to 1.27mm and components ranging from 4mm to 53mm.

Our team at MJS Designs is ready to take on your most challenging BGA repair requirements. To learn more on the services we provide, call us today!