Employee Highlight: Andrew Aulger

Always having an interest in technology, Andrew’s desire to work in the tech industry began at 12, the age in which he started building computers for fun. The passion for technology acquired at a young age makes Andrew perfectly suited for his role as Sales & Quoting Assistant, where he is responsible for supporting the sales team in its day-to-day operations.

“I am most proud that I am able to do my part to help the boat float. There are many amazing people here that inspire me.”

Andrew joined MJS Designs in 2022, having worked in assistant and sales positions prior, he was enthusiastic to pursue a career in the industry he always found interest in. In his daily role here, Andrew works closely with Project Manager, Bob Cooper, supporting him with the quoting process as well as ensuring that the sales team department runs smoothly. Having to keep track of many moving parts, Andrew is a true asset to the internal communications of MJS Designs.

As a sales & quoting assistant, Andrew acts as a liaison between the outside customer and the sales, quoting, production and purchasing teams. He is responsible for reviewing quotes presented by the sales team, studying assembly and fabrication drawings in order to classify the projects into categories such as ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliant, Class 2 or Class 3 and lead or lead-free, plus an assortment of other requirements needed to move a project into its next phase. Having a part in both the smaller aspects of projects as well as the large projects that involve more depth is an aspect to his role that Andrew thoroughly enjoys.

“There have been a lot of cool projects coming through the door and the larger projects are extremely interesting. They usually have a lot of in-depth aspects to them, which are fun to go through.”

Andrew feels most comfortable when he can work on projects at his own pace and appreciates that MJS Designs fosters an environment that is positive and supportive. He feels most inspired by his hard-working colleagues and is motivated to put in his best effort for his team.

“Andrew has been a great addition to the MJS Designs team; allowing the company to support our customers in an even more expedient manner,” says Bob Cooper, Project Manager.

When Andrew is not supporting the operations of the sales department, he loves nothing more than to play music and paint. An avid piano and guitar player, Andrew is often mixing and mastering his own music and enjoys the genre of punk-jazz. For more than 45 years, MJS Designs has brought together hard-working industry movers with a passion for electronic engineering and bringing client projects to life. We provide quality work, designs and test solutions for industry leaders in the semiconductor, agriculture, medical, commercial, aerospace and military industries. To learn about our scope of project solutions and how MJS Designs can help with your next project, visit our homepage here.