Employee Highlight – Baylee Neumayer

With hard work, focus and a strong interest in electronics, our Manufacturing Manager, Baylee Neumayer epitomizes the perfect fit for his role.  Embarking on his journey at MJS Designs as a Purchasing Support Specialist in 2022, Baylee jumped at the opportunity to transfer his skills and knowledge into the managerial role in late 2023. Combining his education with his work experience, Baylee has taken this role with confidence and has become a key contributor to MJS Designs’ success.

“I think my hard work and focus has launched me into this path. MJS noticed that I was catching on quickly. Together with my Supply Chain Background from ASU, those two factors alone have brought me to where I am today.”

From the outset, Baylee demonstrated a strong desire to be on the procurement side of manufacturing. With his educational background in Supply Chain Management, he always had an interest in sourcing and finding materials. As a Purchasing Support Specialist at MJS Designs, he did just that, utilizing his expertise to streamline operations and ensure the seamless flow of materials.  However, after the Manufacturing Manager role opened Baylee recognized it as an opportunity that he couldn’t let slip by. With determination and commitment to excel, he embraced the challenges of stepping into this new position.

As the Manufacturing Manager, Baylee serves as the orchestrator of the many processes in our manufacturing department, specifically managing the workflow dynamics. Day in and day out, Baylee’s primary objective is overcoming production challenges that may arise, problem solving for multiple projects in order to eliminate timing issues, and delivering the product to clients on time. Together with President, Dawn Northrop, and Operations Manager, Steven Watson, along with Senior Manufacturing Technician, Dominique Taylor and Quality Manager, Robert Jones, Baylee works to ensure that the manufacturing operations run smoothly, efficiently and with the utmost quality standards.  Additionally, through constant communication channels established with sales representatives, vendors, and customers, Baylee maintains a comprehensive grasp of project statuses, which enables seamless communication across all involved participants both internally and externally.

“Being in a managerial role at such a young age is something I’m very proud of. Becoming a leader was something I was nervous about before starting the role, but learning how to be a leader is something I’ve enjoyed along the way. Being communicative, direct and being there for the team are all good attributes to what a good leader is.”

Baylee thrives in the dynamic nature of his role and loves that there is a new challenge to overcome every day. He finds immense satisfaction in overcoming these challenges and obstacles, recognizing that each triumph is something to be proud of.  As the Manufacturing Manager, he has learned that adaptability is key, and that solutions often arise through persistence. An example of this occurred during his early tenure in his new role with a client’s request for a quick order turnaround. Although under a tight timeframe, his tenacity and hands-on management, marked by frequent check-ins with production, was the key into making sure his goal of delivering per the customers requirement was successful. He credits the entire manufacturing team supporting him in order to make these types of requests possible. For Baylee, it’s the camaraderie and shared dedication that make working at MJS Designs truly enjoyable and fulfilling.

“I was impressed with Baylee’s focus with his purchasing job responsibilities and excellent attendance,” says Dawn Northrop, president of MJS Designs.  “I initially  invited him to assist us with the vendor selection process for our Marketing projects which had successful results.  We always strive to promote from within first, so when the Manufacturing Manager position became available, Baylee was an obvious choice.  With his education background, sharp concentration, demonstration of critical thinking, and his uplifting personality, he was the perfect candidate for this key role in the company.  It has been a pleasure working with Baylee through his transition to this new role.  And I look forward to watching him develop professionally in the years to come.”

As a self-professed enthusiast of gaming, Baylee spends his leisure time playing his favorite video games. Additionally, he thoroughly enjoys cheering on his beloved football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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