Employee Highlight: Devin DeGarmo

With his extreme passion for problem solving and innate interest in finding the easiest and best solution for problems that have many different outcomes, Devin is an asset to MJS Designs in our Electrical Engineering department. Devin excels at working with his team, connecting with customers to bring their vision to life and helping drive the innovation and advancement in the field of electronics.

“The projects that are the most complicated ones, that require the most amount of effort, are the most rewarding to me. I love seeing how a simple idea turns into an actual physical product.”

Devin first joined MJS Designs as an intern from Arizona State University three years ago and while in this role he began to understand and experience the process of taking the technicalities of his learning in the classroom and applying it to real life scenarios in order to create fully functioning, tangible products. After his year as an intern under the guidance of Director of Engineering, Chuck Chase, he joined the team as a full-time employee and has been working closely with the electrical engineering department ever since. Although he spends the majority of his time collaborating with internal teams, he also interfaces with external clients as he is an important contact for them from the beginning of the design phase all the way through to the end result.

As an electrical engineer at MJS Designs, Devin’s job is multi-faceted and requires him to use a combination of technical skills and creative problem-solving abilities.  Although his role may vary on a daily basis, it often incorporates three main operations that can be completed alone or in tandem on any given day. The constant movement between all of these is what excites and motivates him the most. When a customer selects MJS Designs to develop a project, Devin’s responsibility involves the schematic design including the circuitry in order to achieve the functionality the client is requiring. Writing software, including GUI and embedded software, is another aspect of Devin’s role, along with testing the fully-built hardware after receiving it back from the MJS Designs manufacturing team. This ranges from testing the installed software to validating the final hardware. Devin enjoys working with the finished unit, as it is the time when he sees how everything he has designed and worked on has come together, as an operating and functioning tactile product.

“It is cool to see how when a customer comes to us with an idea or drawing, and after doing all of the design and software, seeing a finished product that I can actually hold in my hand, doing what it is actually supposed to do, is pretty rewarding.”

One aspect that Devin loves most is the array of projects offered at MJS Designs as well as the diversity of roles. He has his hands in a large variety of projects from military applications and commercial aerospace applications to oil diffusers and more. Having the opportunity to work on such a wide range of jobs, with each one requiring a different set of skills, affords him the opportunity to understand the full process. With each project requiring research, problem solving for both the hardware and software, debugging and prototyping, he follows a project along for its whole path. As a result, Devin has acquired a breadth of knowledge during his time at MJS Designs.

When he is not collaborating with team members, interfacing with clients, or developing new products, Devin enjoys spending his free time rock climbing and has spent the past few years enhancing his skills.

“Devin takes on challenging new engineering projects with enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude and routinely produces an excellent outcome for MJS customers.  His technical skills are superior and ever expanding,” says his manager Chuck about the important role Devin plays. 

We are pleased to announce that Devin has accepted the position of Director of Engineering as Chuck is retiring this month. On what Chuck has meant to Devin, “Chuck has been an integral part of my development as an electrical engineer. Working under him the past 3 years has exponentially increased my knowledge and understanding in designing custom electrical systems for many different applications. Tackling the vast assortment of projects that come to MJS Designs with Chuck has accelerated my proficiency in the world of product development and engineering. I can say with all certainty that I would not have the knowledge or capability I have today without him as my mentor. I wish him the best as he begins his much-deserved life of retirement.”

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