Employee Highlight: Dominique Taylor

Senior Manufacturing Technician Dominique Taylor has been part of the close knit MJS Designs team for the last 14 years. In her current role, she overlooks all areas of surface mount technology (SMT) including equipment selection, stencil design reviews, machine programming, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

It is Dominique’s attention to detail that assures the manufacturing team follows document procedures and requirements correctly and complies with the many ISO and IPC standards embraced by MJS Designs.

“There are many challenges working with technology this complex,” said Dominique. “That is what makes the job fun. I’m always learning something new and advancing my knowledge.”

MJS Designs develops complex printed circuit board design, electronic engineering design, CAD layout, box/system build, cable and wire harness assembly, procurement, printed circuit board assembly, prototyping, volume assembly, test development, testing and fulfillment.

In addition to managing SMT operations, Dominique serves another vital role as a rework specialist. Customers send MJS Designs their difficult rework tasks in order to re-use components or boards while updating technology on their products.  Dominique is the mastermind behind these types of projects.

Dominique’s love for technology comes from watching her mother receive an education in electronics that blossomed into a career that carried through most of her life. In 2006, Dominique followed in her footsteps, graduating from The High-Tech Institute in Phoenix and starting her tenure with MJS Designs the following year.

When asked about working for MJS Designs, Dominique raves about the environment, her colleagues, and the opportunities she has that allow her to further her technological knowledge through hands-on experience and continuing education.

Dominique’s passion, experience and confidence in her work are also something many young women can be inspired by. According to Zippia Careers, among Senior Manufacturing Technicians, only 19% are female compared to the 76.1% who are male. She is a shining example of how women can enter a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) pathway and find success.

“Congratulations Dominique, for your tremendous work ethic, dedication to always learning new technology, and your commitment to excellence in all that you do for MJS Designs,” said President of MJS Designs Dawn Northrop.