Employee Highlight: Jeff Bernal

With his extremely outgoing and talkative personality, Jeff Bernal is the perfect person to handle all of MJS Designs’ free pickups and deliveries. Jeff is the friendly face that all of our customers and suppliers love to see!

“I love to drive and I love meeting people—and I get to do both all day long. Over the years, I’ve developed amazing relationships with our customers and I cherish that.”

Jeff joined the MJS Designs team in 2018 and instantly fit right in. As the lead driver for our free pickup and delivery service in the metro Phoenix area, he is the face of MJS Designs for many of our customers and suppliers—a role he is perfectly suited for. His favorite thing about his job is getting to know all of the MJS Designs customers and vendors. He loves meeting people and making them happy which is a huge part of what he does for MJS Designs.

Not one to enjoy sitting still, Jeff loves that every workday for him is slightly different—ebbing and flowing with all of MJS Designs’ projects. On any given day, he finds himself all over the Valley, picking up material for current MJS Designs projects as well as dropping off completed projects. He also picks up materials/supplies from local vendors. He loves the freedom of managing his daily routes and determining how to get everything done as efficiently as possible.

“I’m extremely people-oriented and MJS Designs is like one big family, which I really enjoy. All of our customers are nice, great people to talk to as well. Every day that I’m here I’m happy. I’d rather be at work than at home.”

Beyond driving for MJS Designs, Jeff also helps out with office maintenance, shop cleanup, and light mechanical work. Like everyone here, he is J-STD-001 certified in order to handle and work with all of our components. He fancies himself a jack-of-all-trades and we certainly can’t argue with that!

“It is refreshing to be out visiting with local customers and to hear so many positive comments about Jeff.  It happens quite frequently.  And when Jeff is out of the office, our substitute drivers are always quizzed about his whereabouts by our customers and vendors. Jeff comes in to work with a positive attitude, and he is always willing to help. He always has something kind to say not only to me but everyone he works with,” says Dawn Northrop, the President of MJS Designs.

For more than 45 years, MJS Designs has brought together people like Jeff who have a passion for impeccable customer service. Listening to our customers and providing the very highest level of quality is how we do business. If you’d like to learn more about our design and test solutions for industry leaders in the semiconductor, agriculture, medical, commercial, aerospace, and military industries, visit the MJS Designs homepage here.