Employee Highlight: Shoshana Richter

With her extremely detail-oriented nature and unbridled tenacity for finding parts and fixing problems, Shoshana Richter is perfectly suited for this role. Though she is often immersed in spreadsheets, Shoshana’s real talent is working with vendors to secure the best prices and shortest lead times

“I really enjoy what I’m doing. I love learning and love the people around me. My motivation is making sure everything is correct and done with precision.”

Shoshana joined the MJS Designs team in 2020, coming to us as a veteran purchasing agent. She has over 13 years of experience in the electronics industry and is an invaluable member of our team. In her daily role here, Shoshana is responsible for quoting the project bill of materials (BOM), making sure MJS Designs is giving the customer the very best price and lead time, and providing options for alternate parts if there are availability issues. Once quotes are complete and the BOM is established, she completes a final audit and submits her work. BOMs can range from one line item up to hundreds depending on the size of the board, and printed circuit board assembly quantities can also be in the hundreds or thousands. Shoshana must verify that all quantities required are accounted for–with room for attrition. This ensures that turnkey assembly projects are not put on hold due to a lack of necessary components needed for building the circuit card assemblies.

As Purchasing Support Specialist, Shoshana works very closely with the critical suppliers for MJS Designs, as well as franchised distributors and component manufacturers to ensure timely delivery of all electronics components. She also collaborates with other members of the MJS Designs support team to solve complex issues with PCB assembly services. She particularly enjoys this part of her role, working as a team to get the job done.

“I can locate parts that aren’t easily found. Being in this business as long as I have, I know people. There’s always a way.”

Shoshana takes particular pride in submitting accurate quotes on time or early. Making sure everything is correct on every single BOM is what keeps her up at night. To say that she is essential to the day-to-day operations of MJS Designs is an understatement!

When Shoshana isn’t busy putting together quotes, she enjoys quilting and spends every Saturday in her quilting room. She also loves aquatic swimming and reading fiction novels and mysteries.

“Shoshana joined us with many years of experience in our industry.  Her experience, attention to detail,  and reliability have been a great addition to our Purchasing team.  I appreciate all of Shoshana’s efforts in ensuring our customers receive accurate procurement quotes,“ says Dawn Northrop, the President of MJS Designs.

For more than 45 years, MJS Designs has brought people together, such as Shoshana, who have a passion for developing electrical engineering solutions that bring projects to life. We provide designs and test solutions for industry leaders in the semiconductor, agriculture, medical, commercial, aerospace, and military industries. To learn about how MJS Designs can help with your next project, visit our homepage here.