Employee Highlight: Tim Jefferies


For nearly 20 years, Tim Jefferies has worked with clients to take their projects from concept to completion. As a test engineer, Tim is involved in several steps of the process, including the initial quote process, design and creation of components for test and assembly applications, and devising testing solutions to ensure that each client project is a success.

Tim Jefferies, Test Engineer

The MJS Designs team uses in-house mills and technical staff to ensure high-quality system builds that range from small projects such as the installation of a printed circuit board (PCB) into a housing assembly, to larger builds with multiple PCB assemblies and the integration of additional hardware.

“The small and simple builds usually can be done in minutes or a few hours,” Tim shared. “Larger systems may take days to create, and more complex system builds may require very precise placement of parts, modification of items before placement, and special tooling.”

A couple of challenges engineers face in hardware and system design is requiring more detail in the initial drawings to get the project to the prototype phase, then modifying parts to make them compatible between systems. The MJS Designs team works with clients every step of the way to communicate where the project is in the process, ensuring a smooth and timely delivery.

When a project reaches the testing phase, Tim ensures functionality and manages additional factors that could affect the reliability and lifespan of a system build.

One tool he uses is the flying probe test machine. For over 15 years, Tim has garnered experience programming and operating the flying probe test machines and has completed extensive evaluations on most machines currently available on the market.

“The flying probe is a great machine for finding faults such as incorrect part placement, solder shorts, open connections, and defective parts that cannot be found through visual inspection,” Tim said. “The flying probe not only finds these faults, but it also aids the technician in troubleshooting them through the use of the flying probe software tools. This is a huge time saver when it comes to repairing board issues. The flying probe will find faults in minutes that can otherwise take engineers days to find using functional tests alone.”


Tim started his career in electronic engineering after spending 11 years in the United States Air Force as a jet engine mechanic. He then pursued a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronics before taking his first job in the industry in 1999.

While working with his previous employer, Tim learned about MJS Designs and saw first-hand the dedication to quality work accomplished in a timely manner from the perspective of a client. Since joining the team, Tim has continued to advance his knowledge in his field and stay on top of the latest industry trends by visiting trade shows and communicating directly with sales representatives.

“I am always looking at new technology in testing and mechanical assembly to help save time and produce a better product,” he said.

Tim and the MJS Designs team are also responsible for finding solutions to overcome high component prices, long lead times and other challenges – especially those related to system builds and printed circuit boards that are created in small- to mid-volume quantities. According to Tim, seeing the final project finished and working is rewarding. He offers this advice to young men and women interested in learning more about engineering and test solutions:

“Be ready for anything. You cannot just be the one who finds the problem, you have to be the one who solves the problem.”

When he isn’t working with clients to fulfill their testing and assembly needs, Tim enjoys spending time in nature biking and hiking.

“Tim continues to demonstrate the expertise that clients can expect when they trust their project to MJS Designs,” said President of MJS Designs Dawn Northrop. “Keeping pace with the latest industry trends and technologies means he can reliably tackle the system builds that come his way. We are grateful that Tim has spent the past 20 years with us.”

Please visit our system builds and flying probe test solutions pages for more information on how Tim and our technical team can assist you with your next project.