Employee Spotlight: Robin Howard

An electronics industry veteran, Robin brings experience, hard work, and a hands-on approach to her role.

She interacts closely with her team to ensure that projects in a wide range of industries are delivered on time with the highest level of quality.

“The thing I enjoy most about working with MJS is the people,” Robin says. “Everyone is extremely nice and willing to share their experience so I am always learning. MJS feels like one big family…the environment here is really awesome.”

While Robin only became a part of the MJS Designs team in July of this year, her career in electronics began in 1986. She started as a PCB assembler and has since touched almost every part of the manufacturing process: pad and trace repair, circuit board repair, blueprint interpretation, in-circuit testing, rework station operation, solder instruction, and more.

As Second Shift Manufacturing Manager at MJS Designs, Robin oversees the nightly operations of production personnel including supervising the printed circuit board assembly process, operating automated optical inspection equipment, and maintaining a constant awareness of jobs being processed, production issues, and equipment malfunctions to quickly determine necessary alternatives to maintain schedules and on-time delivery.

She also assists production management with building and leading a cohesive team by helping to hire, train, and retain a high-performing, highly productive, results-driven workforce.

One of the things Robin loves most about her role is the opportunity to jump in and help her team accomplish its goals. Not one to sit back and watch, Robin embraces every opportunity to roll up her sleeves, share her experience, and instruct—as well as learn—the most innovative ways of doing things.

“I’m a working manager. I don’t like to just sit at a desk. Being so new to the company, that’s how I learn. We are all on the same team, working toward the same goals. So, my management style reflects that.”

Robin’s working style is an ideal fit for MJS Designs where we are committed to delivering quality turnkey PCB assembly and wire harness assembly products on time and on budget—a task that requires highly coordinated teamwork and collaboration. Her leadership, quality control, and customer service skills are integral to MJS Designs success.

Dawn Northrop, President at MJS Designs agrees. “Our Second Shift Manufacturing Manager of 15 years, Soledad Verdugo, retired this year. I didn’t think it would be possible to replace her because she was one of the hardest working, most dependable people in our company. So, when Robin arrived, we felt very fortunate! Even Soledad said she felt like they were two peas in a pod. I look forward to working with Robin on my management team for years to come.”

When she isn’t doing amazing things here at MJS Designs, Robin loves nothing more than spending time with her husband, children, and 11 grandchildren. She proudly describes herself as a “homebody” and relishes any opportunity to host large family gatherings at home.

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