Four Keys to Ensure Electronics Design Services Save Time and Money

The success of your PCB design engineering projects, your bottom line, and the trust you develop with your customers depends on selecting an experienced design services team. It is vital to have an electronics design services (EDS) team that addresses all aspects of a job that will ultimately save time and money. An effective team will have a clear and concise plan. Here are the keys to ensure your future project is a success.

1.    Define the project’s responsibilities

The most crucial criterion for any project is the accurate definition of the project’s scope of work. This definition will identify the performance expectations and the project deliverables, as well as the necessary software, hardware, and resources. Clearly defining the project scope will reduce the overall project completion time by preventing delays during the design and testing phases.

The EDS Team and client must agree on who is responsible for providing each element required to complete the project. When a project’s criteria and deliverable are not clearly defined, there could be a discrepancy between the client’s expectations and the final product.

2.    Accurately catalog expenses

Once the scope has been adequately specified, the team must define the system architecture and select the most cost effective components available to implement the new design. These components may include sensors, data acquisition equipment, data processing equipment, and system mechanical components.  It is also necessary to factor in the time required to assemble all of the hardware and external components. Additionally, factors such as the mechanical packaging requirements for the hardware to meet any unique environmental expectations must be considered. Finally, it is important to account for the time it will take to develop the software and test the full system before deployment.

3.    Take laboratory and field testing expenses into account

The conditions for third party lab testing or field testing and the site’s particulars must also be considered. When the electronic design services team are required to work in remote locations for a long period of time, costs for general travel and living expenses can add up quickly. Daily journeys to and from the facility, as well as the variations in cost across different regions, need to be taken into consideration.

4.    Estimate sustaining engineering support

Depending on the project, sustaining support may be needed upon completion of the original scope of work.  This includes system integration and any future software updates.  Keep these additional needs in mind as new details emerge upon field testing.  It is also important to ensure your electrical engineering services team provides all product design files, such as the source files and any raw data, so you may conduct future studies or implement changes.

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