Government and Defense Contractors Value MJS Designs’ Intelligence

Our team is knowledgeable about working under the particular set of circumstances defined by regulations.

Land, sea, desert, space, spheres and other extreme environments are considerations that must be taken into account for a range of end products that fall under the sector of military and defense projects. With that, electrical engineering design, PCB layout, turnkey PCB assembly, and system builds in this sector require an output built for high performance, under stringent design and manufacturing requirements.

MJS Designs is deeply engaged with government and defense, specifically U.S. Department of Defense prime contractors and subcontractors. As an organization, we are seen as a trusted source in this space because of our skill set, which is marked with high attention to detail, quality and timeliness.


These bold and often herculean efforts come down to mission-critical hardware and equipment that are engineered and developed by experienced companies and experts across the country. For the prime contractors, winning bids with the government is a small part of a larger process that consists of pulling from many different resources and vendors for a joint effort.

MJS Designs receives the specifications and constraints for the awarded project from the prime contractor, who is the owner of the entire process and responsible for its completion. Qualified subcontractors, such as MJS Designs, carry out work on specific elements and aspects as part of the larger project.

To be considered for government and military projects, MJS Designs is required to have multiple certifications that prove it has a set of robust processes.


AS9100D certification shows that MJS Designs has the proper quality management systems in place and that it meets the standards required to work on aerospace and space flight projects.

AS9100D is a company-level certification based on a standard published by the Society of Automotive Engineers, titled “Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations.” It is the most recent standard for organizations that design, develop or provide these sectors with products and services, including parts, components and manufacturing (this includes PCB design and assembly). The standard builds off general ISO 9001 standards for quality management systems, adding industry-specific guidelines for the safe development, production and distribution of quality aerospace parts and products.

The government requires any company, including ours, that exports, manufacturers or brokers defense articles or services be International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registered. In government and defense trade, companies must establish and maintain an ITAR compliance program.

In addition, companies must build with industry workmanship standards. MJS Designs meets this requirement with a production staff certified to IPC-A-610G and IPC-J-STD-001G, including the GS Space Hardware Addendum. Our printed circuit card assembly processes are set up for Class 3 manufacturing.

PCB Manufacturing for Extremes

The MJS Designs team is well-versed in the considerations needed for design and implementation when engaging in these sector projects, such as extreme temperature and pressure resistance, liquid and moisture resistance, high- and low-frequency changes, corrosive exposure and/or signal transmission clarity and strength.

MJS Designs has been involved in some of the highest-profile government projects, including programs associated with satellites, launch vehicles, naval vessels and aircrafts.

Explore our electronic contract manufacturing services with the government and defense sectors, and discover how we can provide a solution, or contact us to schedule an online meeting and virtual tour.