Working for the Most Diverse Sector in PCBs: Industrial Clients


MJS Designs works in lockstep with the industry that covers the most ground


Industrial Sector Electronics Engineering


The industrial sector in the electronic solutions world is one of the most prevalent, yet the most difficult to define. It often overlaps with sectors like automotive, defense and aerospace, because products such as motors (both direct current and stepper) live in a range of end implementations.

“We engineer and build projects in the industrial realm including green technology, building maintenance, scientific instrumentation and communication devices, to name a few,” said Neil Munzinger, director of business development. “ The industrial sector covers everything in between semiconductor and aerospace projects.”

As a company, we offer a range of services, from PCB engineering to board designs. We offer this diverse scope because we are in a unique position to provide the technical expertise projects require under one roof, from engineering to final testing. Our breadth of services removes the inconvenience for our customers by eliminating multiple vendor management. MJS Designs handles all of the project details.

Test Solutions & Reverse Engineering for Our Industrial Clients

At MJS Designs, the test engineering team designs test solutions based on the needs of a specific project. These on-site engineers assist through the initial prototype testing. Once testing is developed, the procedures are implemented into the production builds. Electronic testing allows MJS Designs to provide and ensure a quality project.

Like many of our large-scale builds, industrial electronics engineering projects can be long-term engagements, with continual product support from prototype development to ongoing technology updates, along with different levels of production cycles.

For maintenance and development, many companies find they need to have a product, component or circuit reverse engineered. Reverse engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation. There are three main steps to reverse engineering: testing, reviewing design and retesting.

A Smattering of our Industrial Experience

• Due to COVID-19, many companies are developing products to help combat the virus. MJS Designs has had its hand in developing various systems from prototype to production-related to these products.

• Educational institutions develop concepts and schematics for revolutionary machines and seek our services as they move forward with their product ideas.

• Farming has now become technology-based, with many applications for monitoring and detection. For example, GPS monitoring is being implemented on farms across the globe to monitor mechanical equipment remotely.

• Flowmeters are another addition to the industrial sector of MJS Designs. These products are more commonly used to measure a wide range of petroleum products such as crude oil and natural gas.

• Another large part of our industrial work slate is the design of industrial computers and their graphics cards (specialized electronic circuits that accelerate the creation and rendering of images, video and animations). Our designs ensure that industrial computers are equipped with filters to enable them to function amid dirt and dust with the ability to endure abrupt movements and vibrations.

In Closing

Our reputation and certifications speak volumes in our industry –this resonates with our industrial clients, throughout the Southwest and the nation. Our reputation and certifications speak volumes in our particular industry, and this resonates throughout the Southwest and the nation. Engineers and product development teams around the country often include us in their next project requirement as our clients continually advance their technology.

At MJS Designs, our expertise in the industrial sector covers a significant range and ensures our technical team remains up-to-date on technology advancements.

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