IoT Applications for the Consumer Market and Beyond

Technopedia describes the Internet of things (IoT) as “a computing concept that describes the idea of everyday physical objects being connected to the internet and being able to identify themselves to other devices and send and receive data.”

The average consumer will equate that to personal or in-home devices, such as wearable technology, gaming devices or connected appliances. CUJO AI recently released a report detailing the state of connected devices in North America in 2020 and 2021. Computer and smart phones were the dominant device categories, making up 62 percent of connected devices.

Smart watches, gaming consoles, smart TVs/content streaming devices, voice control devices and printers were the next five most popular categories beating out devices such as smart doorbells and e-readers.

But despite the consumer appeal of having data at our fingertips, the truth is the importance of IoT applications has the potential to create significant changes in everything. Whether streamlining data, incorporating more automation into manufacturing processes, or machine to machine communication it has the potential to increase efficiency in the supply chain, building management, and detection of machine downtime when a breakdown happens.

Some hot IoT applications already being tested and implemented include farming solutions, self-driven cars, telehealth and smart supply-chain management. And these applications are only expected to grow in the next ten years.

According to a report by Statista, IoT technology has the potential to change the landscape of operations across multiple industries, with a predicted 50 billion IoT devices being connected by 2030. Agriculture, innovative medical technologies, manufacturing, transportation and logistics are some of the leading industries diving deeper into IoT system design, IoT hardware and IoT manufacturing.

Whether it is a consumer product or an industrial solution, the rapid growth of the internet of things requires engineers and designers to adapt and innovate to provide clients with world-class electrical engineering and design services to help them achieve their vision.

MJS Designs engineers pride themselves on providing the highest quality and services, taking a collaborative approach to meet the client needs. We can work with our clients on design solutions that will help them receive, control, and manage data.

For clients looking to upgrade their current electronic engineering designs or PCB designs, our engineers can help them with custom design solutions that will help get their circuit boards ready for the latest IoT technology. We can also recommend the optimal designs and components to fit board size constraints.

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