How IoT is impacting Home Appliances


IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a network of devices that communicates with each other and often works together to coordinate tasks. In 2022, nearly 29 billion connected gadgets are expected to be operating worldwide and that number is projected to grow to 75 billion devices by 2025. These mechanisms include smartphones and watches, along with smart door locks and household appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers.

IoT and Home Appliances

In many cases, homes with their own IoT ecosystem can take the stress out of general housekeeping and deliver a better user experience. They provide consumers with the ability to program their home appliances to run at certain times of the day or to switch on remotely with the touch of a button through a mobile application. IoT-connected refrigerators can create grocery lists or look up and read recipes aloud, while some washers and dryers have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi thermostats to see if a consumer is home. In the event that the laundry is complete, and no one is home to tend to the chore, these ultra-handy appliances can automatically initiate air-tumble cycles to prevent mildew or wrinkles. And while the larger household appliances have largely been the stars of smart households across America, smaller IoT devices are becoming more prominent, as well.

Items like smart lights and even Wi-Fi-enabled essential oil diffusers can recognize when residents are present and adjust their settings accordingly. These environmentally and budget-friendly instruments can ensure energy is only expended when necessary. The devices are often paired with Google Home and Amazon Alexa companion applications to allow users to choose custom settings, from the color of the light to how much mist to diffuse into a room. In more advanced models, Wi-Fi connectivity also enables consumers to utilize voice control and create custom schedules with timers and even music.

Home Automation with IoT

These incredible developments in IoT manufacturing continue to bring us one step closer to the future many of us grew up dreaming about. And due to its ability to save consumers time and money, IoT home automation is in demand now more than ever, leading to an increased need for engineers and companies such as MJS Designs to produce the necessary components for these highly advanced gadgets.

From electronic engineering services and IoT system design to custom-designed printed circuit boards, MJS Designs can help with your next IoT project. Please contact us here to share your IoT project requirements with us.