MJS Designs Adds New Stratasys 3D Printer

At MJS Designs, we are continuously looking for ways to advance our technical capabilities to meet customer needs in the fastest and most efficient manner. To that end, we recently invested in a Stratasys 3D Printer which will allow us to fabricate custom enclosures along with tooling requirements with FDM composite 3D printing for electronic prototyping and small production builds. This will enable MJS Designs to improve the throughput with box build assemblies, stay on budget, and create completely custom solutions for our clients.

 The advantages of Stratasys 3D printing include the following:

  • Gain speed, throughput, and cost benefits
  • Create component parts in a fraction of the time and cost of machining metal equivalents
  • Four-layer resolutions offer flexibility on part quality and print speed
  • Variable part density provides the freedom to make fully dense, solid parts or adjust the infill to save weight and material use

MJS Designs 3D Printer Applications

The Stratasys 3D printer is incredibly versatile and will be implemented company-wide. Each department has a unique way of capitalizing on the advantages of this technology. We recently asked some of our associates how they will benefit from the machine.

Tim Jefferies, Test Engineer“We will predominantly be using the Stratasys printer to create tooling and fixtures. This will help with the installation of press-fit connectors, lead forming, and many tooling options.”

Chuck Chase, Director of Engineering“Every Electronics Engineering project involves a printed circuit board assembly and some type of mechanical enclosure or other hardware that supports the electronics. Until now, we have been selecting commercially available (COTS) enclosures or other mechanical parts and then having these parts modified to meet the requirements of the project. COTS enclosures work well but do not provide a completely custom solution for all of the project requirements. The new 3D printer will allow MJS Designs to offer a completely custom mechanical solution. This makes for a better-functioning and aesthetically-pleasing end result.”

Below are some of the custom mechanical components we will be designing and building with the 3D printer:

  • Custom Product Enclosures—Often much more compact and aesthetically pleasing than a COTS solution.
  • Product Accessories—Cable management, carry strap hooks, special adjustment tools.
  • Test Support—Test fixture controller board supports & unit under test board supports.
  • Totally unique customer solutions

Dominique Taylor, Senior Manufacturing Technician “ The printer will be tremendously useful in making fixtures used in Surface Mount Technology.”

The Future Is Here

No matter the industry—from aerospace to government to industrial products—MJS Designs continues to be at the forefront of future technology with the addition of the Stratasys F370CR 3D printer. Our customers can now benefit from a range of cutting-edge services:

  • Completely custom mechanical solutions
  • No more retrofitting COTS enclosures for electronic prototyping
  • Better functioning, more aesthetically pleasing enclosures for box builds
  • Ability to offer totally unique solutions on a per-project basis for electrical engineering services
  • Reduced tooling lead times and costs for turnkey PCB assembly

Let’s Work Together

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