Valor NPI ensures a smooth transition from PCB design to fabrication, and on to assembly and test. The Valor NPI platform provides comprehensive DFM analysis, applied in parallel with your design flow for maximum advantage, or up on design completion. By combining the Valor NPI manufacturing data creation tools and DFM, the manufacturing level product-model can be fully prepared for handoff to process-preparation.

Valor NPI provides concurrent DFM analysis during the design process, applying almost 700 manufacturing rules to the design ensuring minimum revision spins in manufacturing. The DFM analysis flow can be set up to automatically analyze each new version and pinpoint all potential manufacturing problems directly in the CAD system.

In addition, Valor NPI provides comprehensive analysis to prove new products match the fabrication processes. Bill of Materials (BOM), Approved Vendor List (AVL) and component analysis ensures the design complies with assembly and test processes. Rapid feedback to the PCB designer allows DFM corrections or improvements to be implemented before hand-off to process-preparation.

Valor NPI leverages the ODB++ intelligent data format to optimize data exchange between design, fabrication, assembly and test.

The integration of Valor Validation & NPI is of particular interest to those who already have a CAD layout. A Valor review will ensure your design is manufacturing ready, to reduce possible issues later in the process.

Why Valor DFM Validation & NPI is important to PCB design.

Valor provides more than 700 PCB DFM analysis checks, covering:

  • Fabrication
  • Micro-via
  • Back-drilling
  • BOM & AVL validation
  • Assembly & test processes

In addition, Valor provides the following benefits.

  • Minimizes the number of revision spins to bring a new design to production release
  • Lowers total product cost by enabling automated DFM early in the design and NPI process
  • Improves the reliability of a design by locating manufacturing risks to be managed ahead of the production processes
  • Provides the interface between design and manufacture to ensure smooth transition to production
  • Reduces the amount of time spent on manufacturing “call-backs”
  • Works with all major PCB layout tools


Valor Validation & NPI Services are available as of November 1, 2014 and is another commitment by MJS Designs to be on the forefront of technology, equipment and training.

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