MJS Designs in the Automotive Industry: Delivering Complex Assemblies on Time and on Budget

Prototypes of low- to mid-volume production builds allow for rapid development in a complex industry

For a printed circuit board (PCB) company to excel in the competitive technical arena of automotive manufacturing, sound client services, project management and production processes must be optimal. MJS Designs applies our extensive experience to the assembly of your PCBs at our Phoenix facility, and we ensure that we deliver them on time and according to the outlined budget.

We have extensive experience with rigid and flexible board assemblies, and routinely apply our expertise to a wide range of industries, from consumer to automotive products.

The automotive industry is one sector that has seen tremendous technological changes over the last decade. MJS Designs has 45 years of experience supporting complex projects in the automotive industry, from prototyping and new product introduction, to test development and engineering.

Our Services in Automotive

Where We Fit in the Automotive Industry

We engage with engineers at the prototype stage and with mid volume electronic manufacturing. Our technical team supports the design and assembly of many automotive electronic requirements including:

  • Instrument panel controls
  • Airbag deployment
  • Digital displays
  • Electronic mirror controls/automatic dimming
  • Camera systems
  • Global positioning systems
  • Interior LED lighting systems
  • Radar and radio systems
  • Remote diagnostic systems
  • Sensor/communication systems

Whether it is a project for bench-level testing or a new product development, MJS Designs can support your requirements.

Visualize Our Automotive Industry with Your Project

Creating specialized military vehicles, solar cell concepts, customized limousines, self-driving electric trolleys and other advanced products that are in the early stages of development, MJS Designs can support your program from concept to final hardware delivery. MJS Designs has 45 years of direct experience, and a reputation for effective, accurate and efficient services. From design to production, we take pride in delivering projects on time and on budget.

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