MJS Designs Introduces the New SPEA 4080 Flying Probe

New SPEA 4080 Flying Probe

At MJS Designs, we are committed to providing the highest level of production and testing services possible for our customers. This includes regularly acquiring state of the art equipment, such as our new SPEA 4080 Flying Probe Tester. The SPEA 4080 will have an immediate effect on the efficiency and efficacy of our testing process through its unparalleled speed and accuracy. The advanced capabilities and precision of this cutting-edge technology will allow us to test the most intricate printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) with more coverage and reliability than ever before.


The SPEA 4080 incorporates the following advanced features:

  • 8 multi-purpose test probes (4 on each side)
  • Micro-pad probing accuracy
  • Ultra -soft touch technology
  • A high-resolution camera with full-color imaging
  • Optical testing
  • Laser measurements
  • Automatic testing of complex circuit card assemblies



With four probes on each side of the board, the SPEA 4080 provides exceptional versatility while testing PCBAs. Each probe is multi-purpose, allowing them to be utilized as guards, take analog measurements, act as voltage sources, and more. This modularity allows for increased customization when building test programs, resulting in faster and more comprehensive tests.

Each of the eight test probes has micro-pad probing accuracy, with a contact point of only 30μm. This extreme precision allows for the testing of components as small as 008004 surface mount devices (8 by 4 thousandths of an inch). With a probing accuracy of ±10μm and a repeatability accuracy of ±5μm, the SPEA 4080 provides unprecedented test coverage.

The test probes have SPEA’s cutting edge Ultra-Soft Touch Technology when making contact with a PCB. This near-zero energy probing protects the unit under test form damage as the probes are applied to the PCB pads, vias, or component leads. With this technology, the SPEA 4080 is able to test delicate surfaces, such as flex-PCBs and micro-surface mount technology devices, without leaving any marks.

The SPEA 4080 incorporates a high-resolution, full-color camera with a dynamic focusing liquid lens. This enhanced imaging ability improves programming capabilities, heightens fiducial accuracy, and reduces troubleshooting challenges.

Specialized light sensors allow the SPEA 4080 to verify the chromaticity and intensity of LEDs and other light emitting components. This can be utilized to verify color and luminosity of a component, as well as identify incorrect or faulty optoelectronics.

Another new feature of the SPEA 4080 is the addition of lasers for mechanical measurements. These built-in lasers measure mechanical geometry with a resolution of 1μm. This allows the flying probe machine to inspect the printed circuit board (PCB) for deformations, verify component placement, and confirm connector alignment.

The SPEA 4080 is designed to accommodate a vast range of PCB sizes, from a small 1-inch square PCB, to a massive 40 by 18-inch PCB. This latest flying probe model from SPEA also offers a taller testing area than ever before, allowing measurements of components as tall as 3.4 inches on either side of the board. The extensive testing area of the SPEA 4080 ensures compatibility with even the largest PCB assemblies.

The addition of the SPEA 4080 will greatly augment the capabilities of our test team, who will be working with it daily.


Thoughts From Our Team

Dawn Northrop, President –
“Not all flying probe test machines are created equal.  SPEA’s in-depth programming software is the same that is utilized on their in-circuit testers, so our customers can expect a very thorough and comprehensive test from MJS Designs.  Our flying probe test program is more than a go/no go result.  This is our third SPEA flying probe tester purchase, as we know that SPEA machines can handle the advanced technology components and board designs that we build on a daily basis.  And the new SPEA 4080 can handle this technology and upcoming technologies even more so than the predecessor models.”

Tim Jefferies, Test Engineer –
“Looking forward to our new SPEA 4080. It’s this incredible machine that’s totally revolutionizing how we will be testing boards. With its lightning-fast speed and pinpoint accuracy, it’s like the superhero of electronics manufacturing. It’s all about efficiency and excellence, making sure everything runs smoothly.”

Dave Robbins, Test Technician –
“This is a next generation system that gives us the capability to test the cutting-edge designs of today and into the future.”

Jacob Peterson, Test Technician –
“The improved accuracy, high-resolution color camera, and 4 probes on both top and bottom will make a night and day difference when it comes to both creating and running tests.”


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