MJS Designs Is Celebrating Its Sapphire Year!

45 Years of Integrity, Honesty, Longevity and Endurance

MJS Designs is celebrating our 45th anniversary of successfully delivering complex electronic solutions on a fast track. Throughout this time, MJS Designs has experienced many changes in the industry, with tighter deadlines, smaller and more complex components, and the requirement of machines and software to support these technological advancements. Those technical evolutions have strengthened us as a company, as will our ability to endure changes that we will encounter in the future.

Just as silver is symbolic of 25 years and gold reflects 50 years, the sapphire is representative of 45 years. Sapphires are hard, durable and can stand the test of time, just like MJS Designs.

What Does a Sapphire Represent?

The gem itself is a hard, durable material that can stand the test of time. Worn by royalty, and soldiers in ancient times, the sapphire has been a symbol of integrity, honesty, longevity and endurance.

How Do We Represent a Sapphire?

Statistically, we are beating the odds. The Small Business Association reports that just over half of small businesses survive five years, and only a third of those businesses remain open for up to 10 years. From its inception in 1976, performing manual layout using an at-home light table, to our recent growth to 25,000 square feet and a third SMT line, these ongoing expansions and investments in new technology prove MJS Designs is dedicated to its customers’ requirements and plans to stay around for years to come.

MJS Designs incorporates integrity into every project we are awarded, and we stay committed to our Eight Unwavering Standards. We adhere to the ethical standards in our industry and we value honesty with our customers, suppliers and team members.

Endurance is the ability and power to withstand challenges, especially one in an industry where technology will always change. With 45 years of experience, MJS Designs has earned an undisputed reputation for the effective fast-turn services we provide. Over our 45-year history, our team has always gone above and beyond to ensure our customers’ requirements are achieved, and we will continue to do so.

MJS Designs: Standing the Test of Time in …

Electrical Engineering: Our team provides electrical engineering design expertise to develop your technical projects.

PCB CAD Layout: Our PCB designers provide professional PCB design services to all segments of the electronics industry.

PCB Assembly: Our circuit card assembly (CCA) process redefines the standard for responding to your business requirements with our ability to be flexible, quick and reliable.

We are in our 45th year of service, and we are not done yet!