MJS Designs advanced component technology experience qualifies them to produce even the most challenging board assemblies.  In addition, the easily adaptable, automated equipment allows MJS Designs to give prompt attention to all low to medium volume manufacturing projects.

As the MJS Designs’ SMT Lead Technician, Dominique Taylor has the versatility, technical expertise, and energetic personality to deliver on the many quick-turn deadlines that are typical at MJS Designs.

Dominique’s primary role is managing the SMT lines, her staff and SMT technicians on both shifts. This involves all areas of SMT, from stencil approval to machine programming, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Dominique’s meticulous attention to detail assures that document procedures and requirements are followed to the letter and are in compliance with the many ISO and IPC standards embraced by MJS Designs as a company and the individual certifications of the team.

In addition, to the many aspects of being the SMT Lead Technician, Dominique is also a re-work specialist attending to projects that are unique to MJS Designs Printed Circuit Board Assembly capabilities.

  • Surface mount 01005 to 4000+ BGA, LGA, QFN, POP, uBGA, CCGA, CSP
  • Component placement down to 200um
  • MicroBGA placement at 0.2mm pitch
  • Prototype through production
  • High-speed automated lines
  • 3D X-Ray Validation of BGA
  • Leaded and Lead-free processes
  • Rigid, rigid-flex, flex assemblies
  • Machines configured to handle printed circuit boards up to 24” x 26”
  • Placement accuracy: 35 microns for QFPs; 50 microns for passives
  • BGA Repair (Including Solder Sphere Attachment, Removal, Replacement)
  • 24 / 48 / 72 Hour Prototypes

With more than 10 years at MJS Designs, Dominique has a reputation as someone with enthusiasm for learning, and a willingness and excitement to sink her teeth into new and emerging technologies.  These traits make Dominique an excellent trainer for new assembly department team members and a collaborative member of the larger MJS Designs team. Plus, Dominique is typically at the top of the list to be trained in new technology investments such as the selective soldering machine, which was added to the MJS Designs manufacturing floor in early 2016.

1Dominque Taylor.JPG

MJS Designs operates with two shifts in the assembly department, with a full IPC certified staff to cover the in-depth scope of assembly services available through MJS Designs.

Dominique graduated from The High-Tech Institute in 2006 and comes from a family of electronic enthusiasts, as her mother has an electronics degree, as well.

Dominique shared that she has always kept her eye on the pace of technology and the ever-changing landscape of the industry.  Dominique’s leadership and ability to keep her team passionately engaged to deliver quality, in a quick-turn, aggressive deadline environment, speaks to her tenure with MJS Designs.

Dominique also graces the cover the MJS Designs Corporate Brochure.

Learn more about the MJS Designs PCB Assembly at www.mjsdesigns.com