Printed Circuit Board CAD Layout

PCB Layouts are a marriage of form and function

Printed circuit boards are the brains behind modern electronics and as such the pcb layout and design is pivotal to the function and serviceability of the unit it serves. Each circuit board is accompanied by a detailed pcb schematic diagram that should be identical to the actual layout of the circuitry. While the board itself is designed electronic functionality and the schematic for readability, often times there is no visible correlation between the two. Electronics manufacturers and printed circuit board designers have the option to design the printed circuit board layout manually using computer assisted drafting software, an autorouter, or a combination of the two.

When designing the layout, PCB and CAD technicians, must take into consideration the compliance guidelines and pcb design rules as mandated by the government to control both EMI and ESD.

The level and intensity of electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge that are emitted from various components inside electronic devices are of great significance to printed circuit board designers and pcb manufacturers alike. If gone unchecked or unmanaged, these conditions have the potential to cause malfunctions within the unit itself and other electronics within range of the interference. Sensitive electronic equipment, such as those used by commercial airliners, is extremely susceptible to EMI and ESD. Due to this fact, it is imperative that designers address these concerns when configuring the pcb layout. The use of manual design systems such as CAD software allows the engineer to configure the pcb layout in a way that significantly reduces, or completely eliminates, harmful electronic emissions.

There are many pcb and CAD layout tools available that are used by printed circuit board engineers and pcb designers.
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