Quick-Turn and Quality: Interrelated, Interdependent and Interconnected

Quality has always been the cornerstone of service for reputable electronics manufacturers. However, when dealing in a quick-turn environment, adherence to impeccable quality standards comes with many challenges. MJS Designs has spent more than four decades mastering the tenuous balance between flexibility and quick-turn solutions.

In addition to the daily balance of speed and quality, MJS Designs has excelled in overcoming both existing and emerging challenges in the market place.

Today’s customers are more sophisticated, have a more robust knowledge base, require more evidence of adherence to standards and detailed documentation of material acquisition. Likewise, today’s projects are more intricate and complex, thus, the term ‘quality’ takes on a very broad meaning in the electronics manufacturing world.

Rob Jones, Quality Manager, MJS Designs

It was in 2000 that MJS Designs established the official position of Quality Manager and today, that role is fulfilled by Rob Jones (aka, RJ).  RJ was recruited by MJS Designs in 2010.  As a veteran of the Air Force, with an aviation maintenance degree and 10 years at Motorola with training through Motorola University, RJ brings a unique point of view to the value and critical nature of the simple term, ‘quality’.   As a licensed pilot, he understands that quality manufacturing could be the single factor that keeps pilots safe or a company on budget when producing electronics components for any variety of projects.

RJ takes a proactive approach to managing quality at MJS Designs. On any given day he is on-call and available to support the quoting process, develop customized production processes, design alternate solutions to meet a customer’s specific needs and is responsible to identify and take corrective actions to keep every process finely tuned and in compliance with a vigorous and meticulous adherence to quality. RJ is known for expert trouble shooting and his ability to streamline processes that have saved MJS Designs, their customers and vendors time and money, on many occasions.

Quality, for an electronics manufacturing service provider, is directly influenced by its implementation of the quality management system.  For MJS Designs, this means ISO9001 and AS9100 standards, which have evolved to establish requirements for overseeing every aspect of electronics manufacturing; from management responsibilities and risk management, to process controls and calibration and FOD (foreign object damage or debris).  In addition, for the diverse projects that come through MJS Designs, RJ often refers to test and safety standards, NASA regulations, Military Standards, and must remain up-to-date on statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to government FDA, FAA and even cyber security.

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Part of the challenge in Quality Management is that not all processes are sustainable in a quick-turn environment and in other industries, quick-turn and quality are often at odds with each other.  For example, less than 10 years ago, it was rare for a customer to request evidence of AS9102 First Article Inspection (FAI): today it is common place in the industry. This customer request means additional documentation and a higher level of evidence that all quality standards were met.

Within RJ’s first year on the MJS Designs’ team, he championed an upgrade to utilize NQA as their ISO certifying body, in which MJS Designs voluntarily subjects themselves to strict audit processes to maintain its record of quality. And shortly thereafter, RJ, revamped the company’s business management system to increase the level of thoroughness and documentation detail.

Having a Quality Manager with a diverse and relevant background is only part of what makes quality count at MJS Designs.  Like many of their other team members, RJ was hand picked because of his passion for quality and details.

MJS Designs offers extensive proven, technical, experience in the electronics industry with a broad spectrum of expertise in manufacturing.  Our experienced leadership team, advanced project managers and IPC Certified Interconnect Designers (CID+), highly trained engineers and dedicated production specialists all have one goal in mind –

Effectively producing your project on time and on budget.


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