MJS Designs is pleased to announce the purchase of the Selective Soldering System manufactured by SEHO SelectLine, with planned installation in December 2015. The new selective soldering system provides 100% process control with its revolutionary design. The selective soldering systems are precise, programmable, fast, and consistent. It solders with highest level of precision and solder joint quality, as well as providing a high degree of flexibility for specialized production.

Selective soldering is the automated process of selectively soldering components to printed circuit boards that could be damaged by the heat of a reflow oven in a traditional surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly process. While many electronic manufacturers still utilize hand soldering, MJS Designs continues to prove its commitment to quality and technology with the purchase of this machine as a critical part of the PCB assembly process.

The technology of the SEHO SelectLine is especially critical to military and government projects that require Class 3 Military connectors in the specifications. In addition, the selective soldering system does not require change over time.  Meaning; boards can be leaded or lead free with no need to adjust the calibration of the machine, which will dramatically improve turn-times.

MJS Designs’ assembly technicians are already engaged in training for the SelectLine Selective Soldering Machine to maximize the use of the system and provide the most comprehensive levels of service to their customers.

MJS Designs has monitored emerging technologies in the selective soldering industry for years waiting for a superior machine to enter into the soldering market place.  The SEHO SelectLine Selective Soldering System is by far the most advanced technology of its kind and MJS Designs is among a handful of electronics manufacturers who have invested in this technology.

Learn more about how selective soldering can play a role in keeping your project on time and on budget with MJS Designs.