Stephen Rimes Talks New Business Development During a Pandemic, Future of the Industry

Stephen Rimes
Stephen Rimes

Stephen Rimes

We sat down with business development executive Stephen Rimes to discuss his recent appointment to the position, business development and sales during a pandemic, and future potential in the industry.

Stephen Rimes stepped into his role in March after a tenure as a West Coast sales representative for a national design and manufacturing company. In his previous role, Rimes spent most of his time traveling and meeting with clients face-to-face, which meant his move to MJS Designs was a transition for him. Rimes took on the challenge of his new role with enthusiasm and made it his own.

“Going from that job to this one was a transition, as the two sales environments are distinctly contrasting,” Rimes said. “This is a completely different sales process, as well as a different type of client. It’s been very exciting.”

Joining MJS Designs at the beginning of the pandemic, Rimes’ role was already intended to be remote, since he is based in the Midwest. However, a quarter of the team found themselves joining him in the work-from-home transition. He says President Dawn Northrop and the rest of the leadership at the company have been instrumental in keeping employees on track during this time.

How MJS Continues to Innovate During The Pandemic

According to Rimes, processes are in place for every aspect of business operations, and there are regular updates on policies designed to keep the team safe and productive, using the most recent government guidance. Training exercises, conferences and the use of online tools have made it possible to continue effective client communication, planning and production processes.

Current and potential clients are keeping in close contact with MJS Designs, and upfront and back-end operations are running smoothly. In keeping with health department recommendations, face-to-face meetings have been scaled back, while increased contact by phone, email and videoconferencing have been the norm to keep clients engaged and collaborating with MJS Designs.

“In addition, we have just produced a virtual tour video that we are excited to unveil to our customers,” Rimes said. “While an on-site visit may not be possible at this time, our virtual tour will enable our customers to meet members of our technical team and view the manufacturing facility from their location.”

Staying on top of recent R&D developments and the latest industry innovations keeps MJS Designs productive, even with social distancing measures in place.

MJS’ continuing professional education, paired with its on-site technologies, such as the Quadra™ 3 X-ray system, allows MJS Designs’ electronic solutions experts to maintain industry leaders.

“If you want to sell something and you want to be good at it, be passionate and interested in what it is you’re selling and the services you’re offering,” Rimes said, noting that learning the MJS Designs differentiators as he transitioned to his position helped him develop a passion for the new post.

Looking to the Future of the Industry

The progress of IoT in a variety of markets—including agriculture, automotive and pharma that are changing the landscape of technology—is the element Rimes finds most exciting. As more companies adapt to new technology requirements, there is a greater need for trusted development, manufacturing and testing.

“We are seeing an increase in funding for Artificial Intelligence (AI) development,” Rimes noted. “That’s where I see an extraordinary amount of potential and opportunity for the electronics solutions industry.”

With advances in technology opening new avenues for a wide range of industries, MJS Designs already provides services that are optimal for any company in the electronics solutions industry looking for a competitive advantage. MJS Designs will lean on Rimes’ enthusiasm and passion as AI and other technologies continue to advance.