MJS Designs’ Supply Chain Manager on Maintaining Consistency for Critical Industries

Shannon Boysen

Shannon Boysen Talks About Components and ITAR from a Sourcing Perspective

Shannon Boysen

At MJS Designs, we leverage our long-term, world-class supplier network, global sourcing, materials management and logistics expertise to meet the specific requirements of our clients’ projects.

2020 brought significant changes to the world, including the “how,” “when” and “where” materials are sourced. These issues became a focal point as global supply chains were disrupted. High- and low-volume manufacturers across different industries were forced to look at their supply chain and ask tough internal questions.

This was not the case for Shannon Boysen, MJS Designs’ supply chain manager. She has been at the forefront of keeping MJS Designs in a “business as usual” state for more than two decades in an industry that is ever-changing.

From electronic components to printed circuit board fabrication, including enclosures and other ancillary items, Boysen manages all the ingress and egress related to supply chains. She is responsible for overseeing the Procurement team in sourcing specific components, recommending alternates (as needed), communicating available inventory supply and tracking manufacturer lot numbers.

Boysen also handles many other details related to the MJS Designs supplier base, including the supplier approval process, on-time delivery, quality, accreditation, nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) and international traffic in arms regulations (ITAR) compliance.

“ITAR-restricted boards have specific requirements, from building to testing, traceability and end-production,” said Boysen. “The entire process is carefully monitored and audited, and modifications to security measures are updated as appropriate to provide the highest level of security.”

ITAR is regulatory compliance, enforced by the U.S. Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, which sets standards to restrict and control the export of defense- and military-related technologies to safeguard U.S. national security.

Additionally, MJS Designs is one of a limited number of companies in the Southwest with the sought-after ITAR registration.

The global pandemic is not a factor in this heavily regulated manufacturing environment, because defense and aerospace (commonly associated with ITAR) are considered critical businesses. Suppliers and the larger supply chains for the critical businesses are also in a position to continue business with minimal disruptions.

“For us, the global pandemic has had minimal impact, because there haven’t been sourcing issues for the critical industries.”

Boysen explains, “Yes, we’ve seen longer lead times for certain components, but overall, disruption is something we have not encountered.”

MJS Designs’ uniquely talented Procurement team works closely with you to fulfill your material needs and lead-time requirements. Click here to see how MJS Designs works through and communicates material details before you award your project.