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Electronic testing services allows electronic testing providers to ensure quality.

Electronic testing includes the use of a vast array of equipment from simple and durable to highly sophisticated and expensive. While there are many uses for electronic testing, it is most commonly employed in the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry. The testing equipment is designed to generate signals, receive feedback, and interpret responses from the Device Under Test, or DUT. Simple test lights may be used to test a product before it leaves the production floor, while circuit board and system designers typically need much more advanced equipment. The advancement of electronic testing technology has produced highly sensitive and accurate tools that are a pivotal cog of the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry.

Tools for electronic testing during production

Instruments are available to measure voltage, resistance, and current individually, or the use of a multimeter can consolidate all of those functions in one simple tool. Functional tests, boundary scan and flying probe tests are just a few of the test solutions offered by MJS Designs, an electronics testing service provider. Other electronic testing consists of stimulating the DUT in order to illicit a response. Such stimulus devices include power suppliers and signal, pulse and digital pattern generators. To interpret the response from the device many electronic test labs and service providers tools like the oscilloscope and frequency meter.

In the sophisticated field of circuit board and system development, the right electronic testing equipment is essential. The flying probe test system is very popular for many printed circuit board manufacturing service providers. These items are often expensive and fragile, offering a much more in-depth and precise reading to the users. Tools like the Wheatstone bridge for exact measurements of resistance, EMF’s for detecting electrical and magnetic fields, and electrometers to measure charge, all work to eliminate unwanted interference from electronic devices. State-mandated interference guidelines make accurate measurement very important for manufacturers.

Advanced electronic testing equipment for trouble-shooting and repairs is essential for a electronic testing company.

The repair of sensitive equipment requires the use of equally precise circuit board testing tools. Advanced probes in the form of RF detectors and signal tracers are used for electronic testing of circuits. These work to measure the presence of electrical or magnetic fields and to follow a signal through the various circuitry of the DUT to detect the exact circuit where a malfunction is occurring. These tools are vital to the successful and expedient trouble-shooting of delicate and technologically advanced electrical products.

Electronic testing is a crucial aspect of manufacturing functional, reliable electronic equipment. From simple tests to ensure successful operation on the production line to the highly sophisticated equipment used by designers and engineers to manufacture complicated circuit boards and systems, applications exist to meet any need. Electronic testing provides assurance and confidence to manufacturers that their products will function as they were designed to.


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