The Importance of Skilled PCB and BGA Repair

Circuit Board & BGA Repair

Explaining an oft-overlooked specialty of MJS Designs

Circuit Board & BGA Repair

The abundance of printed circuit board (PCBs) and surface-mount technologies in high-grade electronics ranging from aerospace display technology to NASA space equipment brings up a question of repair. These types of projects have oversight and budgetary constraints that must be taken into consideration when determining whether to repair or replace.

Upon the decision to move forward with a repair (rather than a replacement), the MJS Designs team of rework technicians can repair boards, from simple component removal to complex edits.

Circuit board repairs can be challenging; however, our technicians use 3D X-ray technology with 100 percent visual coverage, which enables the highest level of workmanship.

State-of-the-art equipment, combined with extensive technical experience, enables us to accommodate repairs to component pitches as small as 0.4mm to 1.27mm on components ranging from 4mm to 53mm with leaded or RoHS requirements.

Often incorporated with PCBs, a ball grid array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount packaging used for integrated circuits. BGA packages are used to permanently mount devices. If not reflowed properly, solder spheres may not collapse properly or may contain voids within them, which reduces functionality.

MJS Designs has made significant investments in automated rework/repair equipment and the maintenance of these machines, but the process itself requires technicians with a significant amount of skill. The process of BGA component removal is complex. The technician, with help from the use of the highest level of automated rework/repair machines, must implement the precise amount of heat to apply to the board. An improper amount of heat can result in solder pads detaching from the board, damaged components (even adjacent components) and/or damage to the board.

We have dedicated a tremendous amount of resources to this specific expertise, so we are confident when we say we successfully handle lead and lead-free complex board repairs with ease, including BGA removal/replacement.

MJS Designs also has the expertise to repair column grid arrays, ultra-fine BGAs, chip-scale packages, land grid arrays, quad-flat no-leads, interposers, specialized pin adapters and package on package.

MJS Designs comprises highly competent technicians, trained with the latest certifications, and operating the highest grade of industry equipment. For complex rework/repair requirements, MJS Designs is the right solution.