The YAMAHA YS88 Multi-Function Wide-Range Modular Mounter

MJS Designs is pleased to announce the purchase of the Yamaha YS88 Wide-Range Flexible Mounter.  This machine represents the latest component placement technology.

 Yamaha YS88 Wide-Range Flexible Mounter will:

  • Increase the surface mount line capacity to 128 additional intelligent feeders
  • Enhance automated traceability for medical and aerospace projects
  • Add wide flexibility, including automated placement for odd-shaped components
  • Improve accuracy with higher volume of 01005 placements
  • Provide placement accuracy down to 30 microns
  • Include an “on-the-fly” vertical optical component alignment system

The installation of the Yamaha YS88-FES-DYTF Wide-Range Flexible Mounter is complete and already in production.

Talk to one of our experts about how this machine can make a difference on your next project