Top Five Benefits of Choosing a “Turn-Key” EMS Provider

The phrase turn-key can mean many things depending on the subject matter.  In the world of electronic manufacturing, we define turn-key as:

turn-key, of, pertaining to, or resulting from an arrangement under which a private contractor designs and constructs a project, building, etc., for sale when completely ready for occupancy or operation: turn-key housing, turnkey contract.

fully equipped; ready to go into operation: a turnkey business

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  In the industry of Electronics Manufacturing, turn-key can relate to the completion of an entire product from engineering, design, assembly, packaging and shipping to the end user. Or it could be compartmentalized as in turn-key PCB Assembly. Meaning, every step of the assembly process is accounted for and implemented to give the customers the smoothest experience possible.

The top advantages of choosing a turn-key, single source provider

  1. Rapid Development: Typically, there is a single point of contact when working with one company who offers turn-key services.  When not working with a turn-key provider, you have a contact for each vendor and they are probably not talking to the other vendors about your project.
  2. Affordability: Providers who offer turn-key solutions have often negotiated and streamlined internal pricing and are able to pass those savings on to the customer.
  3. Easy Administration: Working with one turn-key provider means there is only one quote, one bill and any changes to the project are addressed seamlessly. When dealing with multiple vendors, one small change can create a ripple effect of delays and price changes to address with multiple vendors.
  4. Experience: Turn-key providers often offer the turn-key experience as a result of completing hundreds, if not thousands, of projects.  True, turn-key providers are now masters of their craft and industry and have the history to support the turn-key service experience.
  5. Customization:  The term turn-key is often confused with the term cookie-cutter. In short, cookie-cutter means the same thing for everyone. Just like an actual cookie-cutter.  Turn-key means systems, processes and standards are in place and therefore customization only requires adjustments in a process, step or element allowing the other turn-key benefits to remain in place.

At MJS Designs, turn-key isn’t just a term we use, it’s a standard we deliver to every customer.  Whether we are contracted to handle a project from idea to prototype or assembly to final packaging, we provide all the benefits of turn-key provider to every customer.