Working with a trusted PCB designer helps drive successful projects, ensuring companies achieve a significant return on their investment. When you choose MJS Designs, your PCB design work is in the safe, capable hands of a noted market leader. Within this latest post, we’ll explore more about what makes MJS Designs the noted PCB designer across the local industry.


Few companies can match the experience provided by our team. We have over 40 years’ experience in the PCB design field and put this background and knowledge to use in each project we complete for our clients.

Special skills

Beyond our experience as a PCB designer, we have special skills that help to significantly enhance the value of our service offering. For example, we can offer expertise in the areas of thermal and signal analysis. We can also offer design expertise in RF and wireless systems, as well as expertise in the design of power supplies and metal core products. It’s the comprehensive range of competencies that has helped the company continue to grow and meet the needs of a broad selection of companies across the various industries.

MJS Designs offers extensive proven, technical, experience in the electronics industry with a broad spectrum of expertise in manufacturing.  Our experienced leadership team, advanced project managers and IPC Certified Interconnect Designers (CID+), highly trained engineers and dedicated production specialists all have one goal in mind – to deliver your project on budget and on time.

Delivery schedules

Our team works to the shortest turnaround times in the industry today, helping ensure that your PCB design work is completed according to the specific timeframe for the project. We understand the challenges associated with starting a PCB design project, and the need to complete the work with speed and precision, and that’s why we continually work to meet the tightest delivery deadlines for our design work.


One of the leading reasons so many companies are now harnessing the services offered by MJS Designs is that our team prides itself on its communication with clients. Clients can reach out to our design team at any point throughout the project to discuss progress and to analyze the potential for design changes. We’re committed to achieving full openness and visibility in working with our clients to achieve their design objectives.

Learn more about the pro-active and personalized communication of our Account Managers.

It’s the ideal time to book a consultation with a qualified PCB designer. Turn to our trusted team at MJS Designs for leading-class PCB design services. Call now to speak with a team member.



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