Test Solutions

The MJS Designs Test Engineering Team can design a test solution for your specific project, or you can supply the test for our engineers to apply and document.

MJS Designs provides test engineering services to solve your toughest product challenges. We often save our customers time and money by significantly reducing or completely eliminating field failures before they happen.

We offer technologically sound test solutions to surpass standard quality control measures. Our on-site test engineers assist you through the initial prototype testing. Once the test program is fully developed, these proven procedures will be implemented on the production builds.

MJS Designs’ test engineers are masterful at test strategy development minimizing debug time and moving your prototype into the next phase of development as quickly as possible. Leaders in the semiconductor, industrial,
commercial, aerospace and military industries trust MJS Designs with their testing requirements.

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We offer test solutions for a wide range of applications
–semiconductor, industrial, medical and military

Everything your project requires under one roof, from engineering to final testing – a direct benefit to your bottom line.



“Just received an email from our customer saying that they received the boards, and they are working fine.  Thank you and all who worked on this project for a task well done. “ 

Ain R. 
Semiconductor Company

Pre-Test Enhanced Board Inspection
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI of all PCB Assemblies)
High-Resolution Fiber Optic Video for BGA Inspection
3D X-Ray (100% X-Ray on all Solder Joints that cannot be Visually Inspected)
Device Programming Services:
On Board Device Programming with JTAG
Component Programming: Flash Memories, Microcontrollers, Logic Devices
Board Technologies Supported:
Rigid, Rigid-Flex, Flex Assemblies
Test Services
Fixtureless Flying Probe Test (Boards up to 23.5" x 26"
Boundary Scan/JTAG Testing
Burn-In Testing
Environmental and In-Circuit System Testing
Power On & Functional Test (Customer Furnished or MJS Designed)
Component, Board, and System Level Debug
Warranty Repair Depot
Test Fixture Design & Build
Test Software Development, Maintenance, and Customization using Customer Specified Compiler/Debugger/Emulator Tools
HiPot Testing