Quality isn’t just about craftsmanship. It the standards which made a process duplicable so process can be repeated over and over without compromising the quality of a product.  A quick overview of the QMS and EMS certifications that are currently in use, give us an idea of the constantly lowering tolerance for errors or systemic points of failure.

• The AS9100C QMS is designed for the Aviation, Space & Defense sectors and is a standard that enables the effective management of quality in these industries where there is no tolerance for error.

• The ISO 13485 standard is designed to manage the safe and efficient manufacture of medical instruments and devices. This standard requires an organization to demonstrate the establishment and implementation of a quality system, but not continuous improvement.

• One of the most comprehensive QMS available today, ISO9001:2008 is often considered the ‘Father of Certifications’ for its broad, comprehensive requirements that seek to ensure that a firm meets its commitment to its customers and other stakeholders.

• The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is not a certification in the strictest sense than they are the rulebook for the handling of munitions and other explosive ordnance.

• With applications in the field of consumer and military electronics, IPC-A-610E and J-STD-001E are both for the industry of electronic assemblies. While the former is a list of acceptability criteria for electronic assemblies, the latter specifies requirements for soldered assemblies. The IPC/WHMA-A-620 document is another set of requirements but for cable and wire harness assemblies.

• The ANSI / ESD S.20.20.1999 Standard is a popular standard that deals with the protection of electrical or electronic devices, whether for civilian or military purpose

From Aerospace to computer hardware and from electronics to managing the environment, more industries today use certifications to drive profits upward, laying new ground for stability and innovation.

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