Employee Highlight – Josh Follansbee

Despite having been with MJS Designs for less than a year, our recently onboarded Purchasing Support Specialist, Josh Follansbee, has already made an impact on our team. With a passion for computers and technology, an interest in learning new systems, a background in tech repair and ordering, Josh’s skill set aligns perfectly with the demand of his role. Additionally, Josh is currently undergoing training to become a buyer, showcasing his commitment to continual growth.

“I am really enjoying my new role so far. It’s very interesting and I am learning something new every day.”

Josh brings his past experience as a repair technician, specializing in laptop repair for a large corporation where he also managed all parts and materials procurement, to the MJS Designs’ purchasing team. While at this role, Josh found himself intrigued by the notion of transitioning his skills into purchasing.  With a long-standing interest in computers and technology, he was particularly drawn to MJS Designs’ specialization in turnkey assembly of PCBs.

As the Purchasing Support Specialist, Josh finds excitement in the ever-changing nature of his day-to-day tasks, as well as the consistent aspects of his daily routine, which include quoting and purchasing components. Communication is key for the purchasing department, and under the guidance and mentorship of both the Purchasing Manager, Stacy Bautista and the Supply Chain Manager, Shannon Boysen, he has gained a profound understanding of the purchasing and procurement process and attributes their teachings and training to his success in progressing in his role. Additionally, since joining the team, Josh has diligently built relationships with vendors, consistently communicating to secure components on-time and at the best possible value.

“I am most proud of how the team works together and how we collaborate together to achieve success.”

Josh takes pride in his new role, overcoming the challenge of learning a wealth of new information and achieving success along the way. He finds both personal and professional fulfillment in contributing to a team characterized by its collaborative spirit, especially in projects that have significant impact for many amazing sectors. In addition to this, his experience at MJS Designs has reinforced his belief that a smaller workplace is the way to go thanks to its friendly and inclusive environment as well as the opportunities for personal and professional growth.

“Josh has been a great addition to our team” says Dawn Northrop, president of MJS Designs. “I appreciate his professionalism and positive attitude towards our detailed and at times, challenging project requirements.  Due to his diligence to learn, he has quickly transitioned into buying.”

Josh is enthusiastic about animals, especially dogs, and enjoys the fact that there are many animal lovers just like him at MJS Designs. Additionally, Josh likes to spend his free time watching movies, playing video games and seeking out unique experiences.

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