Employee Highlight: Maria Vargas

With her extensive board-building experience, Maria Vargas has a deep understanding of what is needed to keep the manufacturing process running smoothly. Maria excels at receiving, labeling, and organizing the thousands of customer-furnished components received by MJS Designs at any given time.

“In this job, there are a lot of moving parts, literally. But I’ve been building boards all my life and I learn fast. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of building boards on a large scale here at MJS.”

Maria has been with MJS Designs for eight years but has been building circuit boards since she was a teenager, becoming adept at photo print and the gold line before rising to a leadership level in her department at her previous job. In her daily role here, Maria is in charge of receiving all customer-supplied materials, then comparing all parts against the Bill of Materials (BOM) and drawings for footprint and part number verification. She is also in charge of labeling, categorizing, and accurately maintaining all customer furnished kit bins prior to production.

As Kit Auditor at MJS Designs, Maria’s job is extremely detail-oriented. She verifies all part and lot numbers, accurately counts inventory, verifies documentation to ensure the latest revision is utilized, and creates bins for new kits. Once a job is complete, she audits the remaining material in a timely manner and packages the material for return to the customer or to stock for future use at MJS Designs. 

“I love working at MJS Designs because everyone is so friendly and eager to help. We’re like a big family. This is a very nice place to work.”

One of the things Maria loves most about her role is the collaborative, tight-knit nature of the crew at MJS Designs. Prior to coming here, she worked at a much larger company so making the switch to a smaller setting has been a great fit. It allows her to work closely with her co-workers. Because multiple jobs may share the same parts, she records their location enabling others to quickly find them. 

When Maria isn’t overseeing the customer furnished stockroom at MJS Designs, she loves nothing more than going on vacation with her family. Hawaii is her favorite getaway and she already has another trip planned.

“Maria is a stable, dependable force at MJS Designs.  She can always be relied upon to complete her tasks with high accuracy and enthusiasm, no matter how busy her workload becomes.  It is always a pleasure when I am fortunate to work with Maria.   I hope our customers take the time to read this blog to meet the talented person behind their kit audits,” says Dawn Northrop, the President of MJS Designs.

Please visit our PCB Assembly page to discover more about the highly detailed work accomplished by Maria and our manufacturing team to ensure everything from small to large-scale manufacturing projects move along seamlessly.