Employee Highlight – Neil Munzinger

For close to twelve years, Director of Business Development, Neil Munzinger has been at the forefront of driving growth and fostering partnerships in the ever-evolving world of electronics at MJS Designs. A key contributor to our team, Neil is dedicated to cultivating relationships and has a passion for meeting new people. His friendly demeanor and strong interpersonal skills make him the perfect fit for his role.

“I love the people I work with. I like meeting new people, learning about new products and the new technologies being created. It’s always interesting to see all of these new industries and technologies.”

Coming from a lineage of salesmen, Neil naturally followed in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and brother. At the encouragement of his wife who suggested that he pursue a career in sales due to his inclination to communicate and help people, he landed in the world of electronics by happenstance. He quickly realized he enjoyed the industry, the avenues it provided and became involved in circuit board sales, working closely with engineers and designers. Joining MJS Designs in 2012 seemed like the perfect match, given its focus on customer relations – a role that aligned with his strengths and ambitions.

As the Director of Business Development, Neil serves as the liaison connecting MJS Designs with its potential customers as well as existing clientele. His daily endeavors involve communicating between all involved parties as well as close collaboration with Account Manager, Sonia Suarez, and the quoting team. In the pursuit of business expansion, Neil is also responsible for looking for new companies and contacts as well as industries and products that could benefit from MJS Designs manufacturing and services.  Furthermore, he actively frequents trade shows and exhibitions fostering in-person engagements with prospective customers, a testament to his commitment and dedication.

“I’m proud of this team and the quality of the product that we do – we are a woman-owned small business in Phoenix that builds products that go into space, aerospace, and defense. We are a team that does great work and I’m really proud of that.”

Neil takes immense pride in his association with MJS Designs because of the team of incredible people that work day-in and day-out to provide quality products to extraordinary companies. What he finds most gratifying is the opportunity to witness the unveiling of new groundbreaking technologies and products firsthand. One of the most interesting projects that he was witness to was the Curiosity Rover – a rover currently in operation on Mars – where MJS Designs played a crucial role in manufacturing the onboard circuitry.

“When I interviewed Neil 12 years ago, I was concerned he may not fit in to the MJS Designs environment.  He was very quiet and somber through the interview process.  We learned very quickly that Neil has a wonderful sense of humor and projects such positive energy.  I find that many people enjoy talking with Neil due to this characteristic.  We are fortunate to have Neil’s positive outlook on our team to ensure successful outcomes.” states Dawn Northrop, company president.

When Neil isn’t busy cultivating new relationships and communicating with prospective clients at MJS Designs, he loves spending time with his family, especially playing video games with his daughter, his dogs, taking hikes and reading!

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