Employee Highlight – Sonia Suarez

With her unwavering passion for customer satisfaction and desire to provide exceptional service, Account Manager Sonia Suarez is an invaluable member of the MJS Designs team. Known as the “cookie lady” for bringing sweet treats to ongoing clients, Sonia’s ability to build strong relationships, solve problems and adapt to an ever changing environment has made her a trusted partner to all. She enjoys the interpersonal relationships that she had made during her 17-year tenure and attributes her success to the supportive environment cultivated at MJS Designs.

“I can say I’ve been doing this my whole life and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I don’t see myself working with anybody else. I love my job, I love what I do, I love who I work for and who I work with.”

Sonia embarked on her professional journey at MJS Designs in 2006 starting as a production control coordinator. Equipped with an associate’s degree in electronic technology, she pursued her interest in working with computers and found great satisfaction in the hands-on assembly and soldering process during her time in school, motivated by being the only female in her classes. After a few years of assisting the manufacturing manager, gaining valuable insights into the scheduling and production processes, she was eager to expand her knowledge and slowly learned other aspects of MJS Design’s operations including handling quote requests from customers, overseeing accounting tasks and taking on additional administrative responsibilities. It was through this curiosity that Sonia discovered an enjoyment in the administrative side of the business, eventually leading her to her current position of account manager, which she assumed in 2011.

As account manager, Sonia fulfills a pivotal role, serving as the vital link between MJS Designs and its customers. She assumes the responsibility of overseeing each project from its initial stages of quote requests to shipping. Sonia is at the frontline of communication with clients as well as with internal departments such as manufacturing, receiving, purchasing and accounting, in order to ensure a smooth process for all. Additionally, she actively contributes to the sales team, spearheading efforts to acquire new customers and projects and frequently engages in face-to-face meetings with clients, nurturing the relationships that drive MJS Designs forward. Clients who work beside Sonia benefit from the unique advantage of her understanding the manufacturing process, enabling her to provide technical responses and address customer inquiries with precision and ease.

“The feeling of satisfaction that you get when we have delivered a project and the customer is happy with their result and they come back and thank us is so rewarding. We also work on a lot of cool stuff, so knowing we work on these types of projects is also very satisfying.”

One of the things Sonia is most proud of is being at MJS Designs for almost two decades in a role that she absolutely loves. Throughout her journey she has had the privilege of engaging with interesting and exciting projects, with a significant number of these projects being entrusted to her by recurring customers. Additionally, working alongside her colleagues fills her with great pride, particularly as she reflects on the shared history they have built together since the early days of her career.

“I remember the day of Sonia’s interview,” recalls Dawn Northrop, president of MJS Designs. “The manager who interviewed her came to me and said, “ This person I just interviewed is a diamond in the rough. You must hire her!” And was that manager ever right! It has been inspiring to watch Sonia grow professionally over the years. And how rare it is to work with someone who has such a broad range of technical knowledge and the ability to problem solve highly technical or challenging situations. And one of Sonia’s greatest talents is juggling the many details of each project on a daily basis. Our internal team and customers all rely heavily on Sonia for her expertise and project knowledge. When I help cover for her (and it takes a team, by the way), I am more worried about disappointing Sonia than anyone else, so I always double check that everything has been handled to her high expectations.”

When Sonia isn’t doing amazing things at MJS Designs, she loves nothing more than being a mom to her two kids, spending time with her large family, listening to music and going dancing with her husband when she gets a night out .

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