Employee Highlight: Stacy Bautista

For five years, Purchasing Manager Stacy Bautista has been involved in many facets of the workflow at MJS Designs. Currently, she is on the front lines of the procurement process and creating quotes to give the customer a successful experience, including finding solutions to supply chain issues that the global pandemic have exacerbated.

“We research parts and projects and find as many solutions as we can for component lead times that fall outside of the project schedule,” Stacy shared. “With all the work our purchasing department puts into our customers’ parts lists, we are able to partner with the customer, often finding suitable alternate parts and making a plan for their builds that will fit their needs.”

Stacy’s dedication to finding new solutions and trying new things is what brought her to the position she holds today. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and left a prior management position to join MJS Designs as the Human Resources Manager.

“I was looking for something fast-paced and challenging,” Stacy said, sharing that she saw the potential to meet those needs by joining the MJS Designs team. The world of aerospace manufacturing, agricultural engineering and printed circuit board (PCB) design was a welcome change of speed.

After she spent some time in the Human Resources Manager position, Stacy took interest in learning the ins and outs of the manufacturing process. With the support of other managers and colleagues she became the Manufacturing Manager, a position she held until March 2021.

Being the Manufacturing Manager gave Stacy a closer look at operations like turnkey PCB assembly, where MJS Designs handles procurement of components to streamline the process for the customer and save them time.

“We work as a team. Every department has access to the other departments,” Stacy shared. “We are able to work with the engineering, design, and test teams whenever a challenge arises. Because we are working with a lot of first-time builds, this is a key part of what we do for our customers. We are not just pointing out problems or issues. We are partnering with our customers and internally with other departments to research final solutions.”

MJS Designs is on a mission to deliver advanced, world-class design and manufacturing services to our customers through a collaborative approach that will make it possible for them to achieve short- and long-term business goals with a competitive edge.

“I think what differentiates us is our commitment to our customers, our honesty and our people,” Stacy said. “We have experts working in each department, and we share our expertise with each other and give opinions and options to our customers.”

It was the desire to be closer to her family in Memphis that led Stacy to transition to the Purchasing Manager role. She said she considered herself very lucky to work for a company that has provided her with so many opportunities, including options that allow her to work remotely to be closer to her family.

In her spare time, Stacy likes to stay active. She was involved in roller derby before the COVID-19 pandemic and played for the Arizona Roller Derby All Stars team, where she was able to make connections with other players from around the world. Since her move to Memphis, she joined a rugby team to keep moving and challenging herself.

“Stacy’s commitment to learning and trying new things is inspiring to everyone she works with,” said President of MJS Designs Dawn Northrop. “She is committed to provide an excellent experience for our customers through every step of the process, and we are lucky to have Stacy as part of the MJS Designs team.”