Employee Highlight – Steven Watson

In less than a year since Steven Watson joined our team, he has already made an impact at MJS Designs. His passion for helping people succeed, combined with his strong background in project management, has positioned him as an ideal candidate for the new Operations Manager role. Missing the desert and returning to Arizona after a few years away, Steven is eager to contribute to the success and innovation of the company.

“I really enjoy working with people and watching them succeed. Teaching people and watching people develop and learn new skills has always been a driving point for me.”

Steven brings a wealth of experience to his new role and joined MJS Designs after having spent the past five and a half years in the automotive industry in his home state of Michigan. His journey included serving as a material and logistics supervisor, where he successfully maintained and managed a sizable team at an engine manufacturing plant. Before that, Steven showcased his versatility as a business and technology coordinator, where he not only onboarded new employees, but also played a crucial role in troubleshooting IT issues and assisting the CFO with a multitude of tasks. His background in both roles have proven to be highly valuable when transferring his skills to his new role, one with which he has assumed with ease.

As the Operations Manager, Steven will be spearheading initiatives aimed at enhancing efficiency across all departments. He has been working directly with President, Dawn Northrop, serving as her trusted collaborator in project completion, task management and the development of the Foreign Objects Debris (FOD) program, among other things. In recent months, he has dedicated his focus to the manufacturing department, honing his skills and attending training in order to contribute to ongoing continuous improvement. Looking ahead, Steven is eager to forge strong ties with every department at MJS Designs, gaining an in-depth understanding of the processes and procedures in order to usher in a new era of operational efficiency. Furthermore, Steven looks forward to advancing his training in IPC and deepening his knowledge on the intricate details that drive the success of the company.

“It’s been great learning all of the different aspects of the company. I came from automotive manufacturing, which to some extent is much larger than PCB manufacturing, but I have enjoyed learning the intricate ways that the company functions, specifically the process of the builds from start to finish.”

Upon his arrival, Steven spent about two weeks in each department, learning the ins and outs of the operations at MJS Designs, an experience that he deeply enjoyed. Now that he is out on the floor and involved in the communications, he relishes in the fact that he gets a front row seat to what is happening and is inspired by his colleagues’ hard work and dedicated efforts. Working within the environment of a business with a rich history, Steven values the strong support and collective commitment to each other’s success.

President Dawn Northrop says of Steven’s addition to the team, “I am extremely grateful that Steve found us. He has been a welcomed addition to our management team with his experience, dependability and flexibility to support me and MJS Designs as challenges arise. It is definitely nice to have someone to tag team daily operational responsibilities with. I am excited about the future with Steve involved, as it has been a pleasure working with him this past year.”

During his free time Steven finds joy in spending time with his wife and their dog, Westen. Together they enjoy exploring the outdoors on hikes and walks, maintaining an active lifestyle through working out in their home gym, and relaxing by playing video games.

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