Employee Hightlight – Albert Castro

With an unwavering commitment to design excellence and a remarkable 21-year journey with MJS Designs, Albert is a true asset to the company. He is not only an integral part of the design process, but an important mentor and leader to his colleagues. With a desire to work through the details and find solutions, expand on his knowledge in the field and support interpersonal relationships, Albert’s role is impactful – to say the least.

“I was always interested in details and printed circuit board design is like a giant puzzle. If you look at it as a whole, it can overwhelm you, so when it comes to schematics, drawings and printed circuit boards, it is the details of focusing on one section of the design at a time that makes you realize that once you are done, it is like a work of art.”

Albert’s journey at MJS Designs began two decades ago, when he was recruited to work in the quality control department while he was finishing his technical degree. Soon thereafter he pursued an opportunity to work as a designer when a position became available. His passion for design and his relentless pursuit of excellence quickly became evident, earning him the respect and admiration of colleagues and clients alike, as well as a promotion to Senior Design Manager in 2010. He takes pride in his craft and emphasizes the importance of learning and honing in on important skills on the job. His unwavering desire to consistently train, learn new programs and expand his own knowledge has turned him into a master in his field.

As Senior Design Manager, Albert has played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of designers and has cultivated a collaborative environment where creativity is encouraged. In addition to working alongside his team and mentoring them, Albert supports the production team, sales team, purchasing team and engineering team. He also works directly with customers throughout the entire design process, from initial design to testing.  He shines when he supports others and this is why often times, he and his designers are specifically requested to work with customers repeatedly.

“The feeling of serving someone and helping them get over a problem and knowing that they received a well-thought-out answer is one of my favorite aspects of the role. We offer a lot of software that many other companies do not have, so to find how to do something within a tool and discovering a solution for what you have envisioned is extremely rewarding.”

One of the aspects that Albert finds most fulfilling in his role is the opportunity to spearhead the implementation of new and complex processes. He attributes the success of these processes to the supportive environment fostered by MJS Designs. Over the course of his career, Albert has been presented with opportunities that have pushed his limits and exceeded his own expectations.

“I am grateful every day that Albert has chosen MJS Designs for his career path.  It has been an honor to have him on our team as the Senior Design Manager.  I am always amazed at his technical abilities, and know that the design team and our customers are in very capable hands.  Internally, Albert is always willing and available to provide support and technical assistance, which has such positive impacts across the company,” said Dawn Northrop, president of MJS Designs.

Outside of work, Albert cherishes time with his family, explores the beauty of Arizona, enjoys fishing, and dedicates himself to serving his community through his involvement with his church and helping the homeless.

For more than 45 years, MJS Designs has brought together hard-working industry movers with a passion for electronic engineering and bringing client projects to life. We provide quality work, designs and test solutions for industry leaders in the semiconductor, agriculture, medical, commercial, aerospace and military industries. Please visit our PCB Design page to learn more about how Albert and his team can assist with your next project.