Employee Spotlight: Deb Osenbau

With her long-standing inventory background and strong managerial experience, Deb is a great fit for MJS Designs when it comes to turnkey assembly.

She is an expert at cutting down on extra inventory while also making sure we have exactly what we need in stock—despite supply chain challenges.

“Our main goal is to be 100% on time to production,” says Deb. “Even if there’s a shortage, I’m committed to finding a way of making it happen whenever possible.”

Deb has been with MJS Designs for 15 years, coming to us from Ohio where she worked as a packaging supervisor for an aluminum plant. In her daily role here, Deb works closely with production to ensure her department hits both the stockroom due date and the production start date which is critical to keeping printed circuit board assembly projects moving ahead.

As Inventory Manager at MJS Designs, Deb oversees a team that is responsible for receiving, inventory stocking, kitting of jobs, and cycle counting. Deb is also responsible for ordering office and production supplies for all departments and supporting the Purchasing Department, as needed, to assist with quoting, buying, and helping to find alternate components when requested ones are unavailable or have long lead times. One of her team’s critical responsibilities is component-level traceability: using our MRP system to track every part and product through the manufacturing process from the moment the raw materials enter our facility to the moment the final products are shipped. This involves meticulously scanning and saving documents to make sure all certs are in order and ensuring all manufacturer lot numbers are entered into our MRP system.

Additionally, Deb holds a PRO-STD-001 Certification for Counterfeit Component Detection and Prevention which allows her to identify fraudulent or counterfeit components before they ever get near a printed circuit board assembly.

“The people here are so great. Everyone is extremely helpful and nice and there’s a level of trust we all understand and embrace.”

One of the things Deb loves most about her role is managing the “organized chaos” of turnkey PCB assembly—a challenge that prompted her to reconfigure the stockroom in order to streamline the process of storing components. Every day from start to finish, she is essential to quality assurance, inspection, and control for MJS Designs.

When Deb isn’t busy managing inventory, she enjoys shopping and spending time with her family which includes occasional trips back to Ohio to be closer to her first grandchild.

“I am very appreciative to have Deb on my management team for the last 15 years. Deb has implemented a number of instrumental processes, designed the new stockroom layout, and also has helped with quoting and buying projects, all doing this very quietly behind the scenes,” says Dawn Northrop, the President of MJS Designs.

Please visit our PCB Assembly page for information on the types of turnkey services MJS Designs provides and discover more about the meticulous work Deb’s team does to keep all projects accurate and on time.