Establishing an Efficient PCB Design Flow

MJS designs
MJS designsThe importance of developing an efficient PCB design flow cannot be underestimated. It
is essential in regards to the printed circuit board functioning as intended and making
sure the fabricated boards are manufactured efficiently with no delays during the
process. Here are some recommendations to assure an effective PCB design flow.

Kick-Off Meeting

One of the first steps you will want to take to ensure a positive design flow is scheduling a
kick-off meeting that will serve many purposes. This is an opportunity to review the
scope and statement of work (SOW). Discussing the important aspects of the design,
such as the mechanical and electrical requirements, through reviewing any existing
drawings and a thorough review of the schematic are all topics to have on the agenda.
The expectations for file transferring, schedule, and deliverables must be addressed, as

Design Rule Check

Every design needs its own customized set of rules based on the technology chosen for
the design and these requirements are managed by an experienced PCB Designer.
Each requirement must be understood, along with how every rule affects that
requirement. While this function can take a significant amount of time to set up, it can
eliminate costly mistakes on complex designs. It is also a positive habit to put into place
for all designs. Even though all layout decisions carry some weight, the design rule
check will make sure to keep the most essential aspects of layouts on the forefront of
the PCB Designer’s mind.

Valor DFM

While PCB design tools have sophisticated management over many of the
manufacturability requirements, they do not cover all of the analyses as well as Valor
NPI evaluates the designs. Valor NPI uses a set of rules that are developed through
industry experience and IPC specifications. The CAD Specialist that manages the
analyses will work with the PCB Designer as the design is in process and reviews
assembly, fabrication, and test. This process maximizes an efficient process design
flow to ensure that a design is ready for manufacturing.

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