Meeting Global Safety Standards in Electronic Product Design

Electronic products encompass a global marketplace, so very few electronic devices are designed for one specific region. For this reason, products must be designed with awareness of global standards. Electronic product designers and systems designers face a truly daunting array of safety and compliance standards. Working with a qualified professional electronic design services company provides a high degree of assurance that designs will meet the requirements for every market to be served.

Electrical safety testing and certification is a requirement for virtually every electronic device and electrical apparatus. The details of what constitutes a certified product is dependent upon an alarming number (hundreds) of safety standards and the region of the world where the device will be sold and used. Standards setting organizations include:

  • EN / IEC (Europe)
  • UL (US)
  • CSA (Canada)
  • CCC (China)
  • JEIDA / MITI (Japan)

Manufacturers must submit samples of their products to recognized certification agencies. Nationally Recognized Certification Laboratories (NRTLs) include UL, VDE, FM, ETL and others. The agency certification process is conducted to confirm compliance with the relevant standard(s). This compliance evaluation investigates two key areas:

  1. Construction – Mechanical construction, spacing, clearances, etc.
  2. Safety – To assure safe operation (even under high-stress conditions)

(Providing an excellent resource available to designers addressing this often-bewildering array of international — and sometimes conflicting –standards, the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) has established a standing committee and forum on its website.)

Once in production, products must be electrically and functionally tested to confirm compliance with the related agency certifications and safety standards. Periodic inspection and calibration of test equipment is a standard requirement to maintain NRTL certification.

Need Help with Product Certification? Our PCB Design Services Team Can Make All the Difference

It all begins with thinking globally at the outset of the design process. The knowledgeable electronics design services team at MJS Designs will help move your product through the regulatory certification maze – which means speeding time-to-market by avoiding expensive and time-consuming rework and resubmission.

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