How Do Semiconductor Companies Engage with MJS Designs?


How PCB assembly integrates with the semiconductor industry’s array of verticals


The semiconductor industry can seem straightforward to an outsider. However, within these semiconductor companies, the supply chains are extensive and have a huge economic impact. The products of the semiconductor manufacturing sites influence hundreds of companies when considering R&D, equipment, tools, different levels of engineering, packaging, logistics and ancillary supply chain vendors.

Industry forecasts suggest that the need and impact of semiconductors will only increase as technology continues to proliferate in different forms. Technology is moving at a rapid rate, and no one understands that better than MJS Designs, since we work with the newest component advancements.

MJS Designs touches the semiconductor industry in many ways as a supplier and partner, from the equipment side to custom board builds for innovative technology applications. Our PCB CAD design, electrical engineering and PCB assembly services can help keep semiconductor development and testing projects on schedule.

MJS Designs Supports Semiconductor Development

MJS Designs has engaged with semiconductor companies in the circuit board design and PCB assembly of custom circuit boards to support device development. This includes the R&D phase, small-batch electronics production and mid-volume electronic manufacturing, depending upon client needs.

Evaluation Board, Design and Build

Semiconductor companies turn to MJS Designs for design and builds of their evaluation boards. These boards are intended to evaluate, demonstrate and test their latest silicon. Evaluation or demo boards typically contain a cutting-edge component (being evaluated), such as a sensor, processor, microprocessor unit, etc. There may be other various types of common input and output connectors, memory, graphical displays and an on-board power supply to further enhance the development process.

Global semiconductor companies have unveiled—both to investors and consumers—
new technologies and products containing custom-built evaluation boards from MJS Designs.

Semiconductor Reverse Engineering in PCBs 

PCB reverse engineering is the process of taking damaged boards, or boards with obsolete components, and creating a new solution.

This type of analysis of the circuit board, along with the original product PCB file—which hopefully includes bill of materials and schematics as well as the other production documents—is common and extremely useful, especially in the semiconductor industry. However, if these files are not available, MJS Designs can re-create them through this reverse engineering process. Once that full process is complete, these documents are then used for a PCB CAD layout to create PCB fabrication and assembly files. The process of component soldering, testing and circuit board debugging then begins to complete the entire copy of the original circuit board.

With electronic systems varying tremendously, semiconductor companies seek these services in many unique circumstances. Our electrical engineering team, which has decades of technical experience, will lead these projects and work with clients to help guide them through the process. MJS Designs requires its clients to validate that there have been no IP violations before starting any reverse engineering project.

Refurbished Semiconductor Equipment PCB Assembly

On par with reverse electrical engineering, the refurbished semiconductor equipment market is quite active, and incorporates some of the same techniques listed above.

Production lines are still running effectively at 200mm; however, the source for equipment and tools tend to rely on the refurbished market, as large players in the global semiconductor industry have moved to 300mm—the industry standard since 2001.

MJS Designs will often work with asset or equipment engineers to develop new boards with the same functionality as the original boards in the refurbished equipment. This reverse engineering process mitigates the obsolete component issues these manufacturers frequently encounter.

Because our business is so closely linked to microelectronics, we are well-suited to address the PCB needs of the semiconductor industry.

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