Investing in a Team-Centric Culture

PCB engineering, design and assembly require team members to collaborate, share information and jump in where needed, resulting in better outcomes for our clients.

MJS Designs is a close-knit company in which employees have many opportunities to regularly explore new areas and learn new skills.

“Everyone has the same goal here at MJS Designs: to create quality work that ships on time,” said Stacy Bautista, purchasing manager.

At MJS Designs, employees have the chance to make a difference, and see that put into action firsthand. Every employee, through training and guidance from the leadership team, can rely on teammates for help and advocacy. “We pride ourselves on being able to provide opportunities to them that allow them to step out of their comfort zone and try new things,” said president, Dawn Northrop.

Collaborating & ‘Jumping In’

For projects to go efficiently, everyone understands they need to work together.

Employees are encouraged to seek expertise from their skilled colleagues or managers about issues or concerns. When it comes to PCB prototyping and assembly, being flexible, quick and knowledgeable is crucial—in any position in the company. Priorities can change in the blink of an eye, so everyone then needs to switch gears to meet client expectations. The engineers and the test and design teams are all available to help in any way possible.

“We really want our employees to take as many opportunities as possible to advance their knowledge base” added Dawn Northrop.”This gives ourstaff a more well-rounded employment experience and provides the opportunity for everyone to succeed”

“At MJS Designs, you get to step out of your comfort zone as much as you want,” said Albert Castro, senior PCB design manager. “Every chance I get to help out and learn something new, whether it be speaking at a Space Tech Expo in front of 100-plus people, speaking to a high school engineering program or helping the sales team answer technical questions for a client, I take it.”

Team-Building Activities

While MJS Designs specializes in highly technical work centering on PCB design, assembly and electronics manufacturing, our company takes time to recognize our employees’ efforts with barbecues, pancake breakfasts, holiday parties and contests/raffles. We believe these engagements promote bonding, which builds trust, alleviates conflict, promotes open communication and increases collaboration among employees.

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